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  1. Re: For sale: 1981 Mercedes 300TD with veg oil conversion

    Sorry it's gone.
  2. More veg oil and stuff to give away - Footscray

    Hello again,

    Clearing out the shed in preparation for the big move, I have some veg oil related stuff to give away:

    - ~ 100 litre 1 micron filtered veg oil
    - ~ 100 litre unfiltered veg oil
  3. Replies

    Oil supply in Richmond (Victoria)

    Hello SVO enthusiasts,

    After 6 years of collecting oil from my supplier in Melbourne, I am moving to Western Australia, and the supply is there for the right person. I just spoke to the owner of...
  4. For sale: 1981 Mercedes 300TD with veg oil conversion

    I've just bought a Musso and looking to get rid of my old Mercedes station wagon. I've driven it 100,000km on veg oil and it's registered (Victoria) and still runs well. I can get $350 from a...
  5. Looking for SVO Bourke, Cunnamulla, Charleville, Barcaldine, Charters Towers, Cairns

    Hi folks,

    As I don't see any offers on the 'Members willing to share' forum, I'm taking the liberty of making a direct request. I'll be driving this route (leaving from Melbourne but carrying...
  6. Re: About to Head off again on another Adventure on SVO

    Hey there Kevin and friends,

    Sounds like an awesome trip!

    I'm going to do a drive next month from Melbourne to Cairns up the middle, through Bourke, Charleville, Barcaldine, Torrens Creek and...
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