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  1. Mack 285 hp turbo diesel - Suitable for WVO?

    A contact of mine has a 6x6 Mack truck with the 285Hp Turbo six cylinder and would like to run it on WVO.
    Does anyone know if the engine is direct / indirect injection and whether the IP is inline...
  2. Re: Anyone have experience with this pump?

    Tilly, I just found one for $32.39 with local stock and 1 week delivery. They look good and I look forward to more easily moving my oil.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    Re: free cooking oil

    It is unlikely that you will get a response to your request from this forum, as most members here are based in Australia.
  4. Don't dump Biodiesel byproduct in the bush, Especially in a water catchment!

    A BEDFORDALE man’s reasoning that biodiesel waste was “good for the trees” was not enough to avoid a spent conviction and $1500 fine in the Armadale Magistrates Court.
    The Department of Water and ...
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    Sticky: Re: What I saw on ebay

    But that price does not give you a working system. It will not have the controller, so it will need to be manually operated.
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    Re: tank filled with black gloop

    Don't worry, the problem happens with petrol and diesel fueled vehicles too.
    Yes, drop the tank, pressure / steam clean it and dry with metho. Pour a litre of metho into the tank, swill it around...
  7. Re: Ssangyong Musso 2.9 diesel 1998 with SVO conversion

    Ssangyong did produce a common rail diesel engine, but not in the Musso.
  8. Re: Ssangyong Musso 2.9 diesel 1998 with SVO conversion

    Penangke, yes, exactly as I wrote it.
    I bought it in July last year with no working GPs.
    After replacing all GPs, all fluids and filters it is not a reliable workhorse. I have had to replace fuel...
  9. Re: Ssangyong Musso 2.9 diesel 1998 with SVO conversion

    Have a look on Gumtree. There are plenty of Mussos on there. The Turbodiesel was introduced around 2000 IIRC. I have one running veggie oil, unconverted. I add up to 20% ULP for Winter, no...
  10. Re: After 15 years decided to start washing my biodiesel

    My vehicles all have inline IPs, so can't provide personal experience on the use of the blend in rotary IPs, yet others here have used blends. Others have told me they use a WVO / ULP blend with no...
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    Re: Generator question

    Have you tried running the pumps without the charger running? Will the gennie run them happily? It could be a high start current causing the gennie to bog down.
    Yes, using a number of loads to...
  12. Re: After 15 years decided to start washing my biodiesel

    While your IP is most likely a Rotary IP, with the injector pipes coming from the back of the IP, it should be happy with straight veggie or a veggie / petrol blend.
    Why not just run it on used...
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    Re: Kits by grease car

    Is the engine direct or indirect Injection?
    Does it have an in-line or rotary IP?
    Are you planning to use it in cold climates (<10°C ) regularly.
    Flat plate heat exchangers are very efficient at...
  14. Re: Oil Supply available - Bayswater WA

    This oil supply has been taken.
  15. Oil Supply available - Bayswater WA

    I now have too much oil! My 2 suppliers are supplying a fair bit more used cooking oil than I can use.
    I currently have around 1000L of filtered oil, ready to use and about 360L of oil, yet to be...
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    Did anyone notice?

    Last night, I had difficulty in accessing the website. I asked Tim-HJ-61, and he had the same issue.
    The Site owner (Robert) has investigated, and while he couldn't see any...
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    Re: 1HD-FTE and bio performance fix

    Good diagnosis. Please let us know by regular reports how it goes.Tony
  18. Re: Another one bites the dust, looking for spare oil or suppliers

    Jens, Is Newcastle too far?
  19. Oil supply available - Newcastle NSW

    Posted on behalf of Ironfarmer. Click on his name below to contact him
    I'm off to cyprus and have ceased collection. i have 3 shops with quite nice oil to hand over.
  20. Re: how to clean dirty oil containers

    I use misfuel (petrol / diesel mix that some fool had to get taken out of his diesel tank). I put about 500mL of it into the container, put the lid on and agitate a lot to loosen it all. I open and...
  21. Sticky: Re: Members willing to share oil with travelling members

    Please remember, this thread is for members to offer oil to traveling members, NOT to ask for oil.
    Posts asking for oil will be moved or deleted!
  22. Re: Filter blocking in less than 100k

    Unfortunately, the way it is written, it is confusing. If it is not looped, you will get hot fuel returning to the tank.
  23. Re: Filter blocking in less than 100k

    1. If the tank was left for 3 months, it may have succumbed to some microbial activity, causing the issues you are now having. Alga's advice is spot on, if leaving the vehicle for a long...
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    Re: Happy Christmas Everyone.

    Merry Christmas and a Safe, Healthy, and Fulfilling New Year to all forum members and readers.
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    Re: Glycerol composition.

    Less byproduct may indicate greater yield, but what about quality?
    Byproduct = Glycerol, soaps, residual methanol, unused caustic, water (from the reaction) and other contaminants in the oil.
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