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Thread: Landcruiser 100 series 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel?

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    Landcruiser 100 series 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel?

    Chaps! 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel? Can I run this vehicle safely on biodiesel? Gave up on WVO idea due to fears about repair $

    Seeking advice on biodiesel running precautions, safeguards, problems or successes, performance experiences, adjustments required to system, moving back & forth to diesel:
    eg What effects on:

    Injectors, IP, ECU, Fuel lines, Fuel filter, Seals, Fuel tank, Exhaust.

    Many Thanks & Have a nice bio DAY!

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    Re: Landcruiser 100 series 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel?

    Been running B100 in my 2004 100 Series 1HD-FTE without any mods or any issues. No noticable different in economy or power.

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    Re: Landcruiser 100 series 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel?

    Backing up Maverick here, I understand that engine is a perfect candidate for Bio.

    similar engine to what I run, minor mechanical differences, similar pump. I have chalked up almost 180,000km now on bio. do check your front IP seal though. not straight away, but after a couple of years it will become necessary. Big $ to repair after an engine runaway. Material incompatibility will be your only trouble if you make the Bio well.

    good luck!


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    Re: Landcruiser 100 series 1HDFTE 2001 on Biodiesel?

    As above, thngs to watch are the fuel pickup, Toyota coat these in varnish which will break down and make a mess. If you are half capable you can deal with this, watch out for cad plated pipes they do tend to gel up inside.

    It will run fine on it, better for the injection pump as it will reduce wear considerably. Make sure it is made well as it can tend to varnish the internals of the pump otherwise. Everyttings else is fine it will work better on it if tuned but that means that it will not be the best on Dino diesel.

    Have fun.
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