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Thread: Need help, don't know what went wrong.

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    Re: Need help, don't know what went wrong.

    that has happened to me as well, I think my problem was the oil temp was too high, no gauge for that, and the methox was hot as well. Using the apple seed mixer, I was showered with foamy hot gloop from the vent pipe.
    so I guess watching the temps of both, would be my thought.
    as for using bad oil, I have used some stuff that was black as deso oil, very high titration, the worst result was about 65litres bio out of 100 ltrs oil. not good. I soon learnt to look for other oil supplies.

    jeeze I miss this stuff. but alas, I have a new car now and will not be going down the slippery oily side again.
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    Re: Need help, don't know what went wrong.

    I'm not sure what you mean by glycerol-like substance. The stuff that came out of the vent was a gelatin like substance. I did add water to the sample that I had in the separation funnel. It didn't turn into a gelatin substance, didn't even emulsify either. It just took many many time to wash it. I actually never did get it to wash out completely. I just gave up.


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