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Thread: SVO powered Terrano died need help

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    Re: SVO powered Terrano died need help

    There is a screen filter in the pump it is as hard as hell to find you will need a piece of fine wire and make a small hook on the end go on to the nissan patrol forum and search for it you it you will find images that will help you locate it good luck

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    Re: SVO powered Terrano died need help

    Quote Originally Posted by Qwarla View Post
    Under the banjo connector where fuel enters the IP there may be a screen, and also some have a screen around the fuel shut off solenoid.
    Solenoid should just unscrew out of the IP. Apply 12 volts to the wire and the plunger should retract. On some you may even hear it 'click' in like a relay.
    Was the screen removed and cleaned, then replaced? Or simply removed? Did you check for a screen on the Return line banjo also?
    Why not talk with a IP specialist to see if they can give you a cost for cleaning and re-calibrating the pump. It may be worth doing. Alternatively, look for a Nissan wrecker to see if you can get a used IP for your Terrano.

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    Re: SVO powered Terrano died need help

    This is a common problem at the end of winter. The cold winter temps tend to create some condensation in the tank/filter housing/injection pump. The free water that results from this condensation enables bacteria to breed in your fuel....because there is bugger all biocide in used cooking oil. The bacteria excretes a dark red/brown substance that looks like laquer. This bacteria loves water and oxygen, and will produce enough "laquer" to coat just about everything in your fuel system. The bacteria also produces lots of gas as it devours the fuel/oxygen/water, so what happens is the fuel tank builds up pressure from the gas production. The high tank pressure will stop the injection pump from working at it's normal operating pressure, because the return line "sees" the high tank pressure as the fuel pressure bypass valve (or pressure regulation valve -whatever you want to call it) won't work correctly. This results in rough running, and lots of smoke.
    The bug gas also builds up in the fuel filter, so when you take off down the road in the morning the pump sucks this gas from the filter and your car stops (or starts to run rough) a mile or 2 down the road. The injection pump also gets some gas build up, so tends to play up a bit.
    The easy fix is to run straight diesel fortified with a good injection pump cleaner, like Nulon diesel fuel system cleaner. The fuel system additive should contain some biocide (they usually do). The fuel system cleaner works better if you shock dose the fuel system. Don't expect the first dose to fix the problem, I would suggest at least 3 or 4 cans over a few weeks to really dissolve some of the laquer, (it's cheaper than replacing the pump). The biocide in the fuel additive kills most of the bacteria, however, the brown coating left in the tank/fuel system really has to be removed, if it isn't then next winter the bugs will breed back up again. A good biocide will help prevent this from becoming a problem.
    The easiest fix is to always stop the engine on diesel, never leave straight veg oil in the injection pump unless the car is running, or is only going to be turned off for 10 minutes or so. Don't ask me how I know this!

    EDIT: As someone mentioned earlier, the vane pump's vanes stick in their slots and won't pump fuel properly once this coating builds up enough. The pressure reg. valve also sticks open often. A 12 volt lift pump helps things a bit, I pump the veg oil into the injection pump at about 5 psi with good results.
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