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Thread: Fuel filter primer pump question.

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    Fuel filter primer pump question.

    Hi just a fast question I run SVO on my Terrano and before the original fuel filter I have been running a disposable plastic clear filter , I only usually get about 1000 k's on these throw away filters before they clog and cause issues, not ideal my old Terrano would run for a lot longer on only the original
    filter oil is same quality can only assume the new car just doesn't love SVO like the old one did. At present I am having issues after only 200 k's, car struggles and stops but after I get out and push the primer pump a few times we are off and running. A wondering if with a perfectly sealed system should
    the primer pump be permanently firm to the push? I am wondering if I have a slow leak in the connections somewhere and that over time I am putting
    air in the system. When it stops the pump easily takes a dozen or more pumps to get hard....any ideas?

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    Re: Fuel filter primer pump question.

    The extra viscosity of wvo in the lines and the filter leads to excessive vacuum at your IP.
    High line vac can easily lead to air being sucked in through pipping connections.
    I have totally over come this issue by using a 12v diaphram pump lift pump before the any filter.
    These pumps are cheap, under $30, but you must reset the pressure cut off setting.
    It is often over 50psi, replace the small spring in the head unit with a lighter one.
    Then mount a switch in the car so it can be switched on / off manually.
    The real beez neez is to have a turbo boost guage to observe the fuel pressure at the IP.
    So you know exactly when the boost pump is needed.
    this guage needs to be connected to the fuel line at the IP.
    A fuel pressure guage also allows you to observe when your fuel filter is becoming blocked.
    I run two lift pumps in parallel, with a switch to select either one,
    and two one micron filters in parallel also, so I can change in transit.
    No more road side problem sorting for me, I've been doing this too long!

    John Hermans


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