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Thread: Glycerol / glycerine / byproduct pre wash

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    Re: Glycerol / glycerine / byproduct pre wash

    Quote Originally Posted by tillyfromparadise View Post

    There is no sense in wasting sunlight
    Ya got a point there. Not like ya can actually 'save' it.

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    Re: Glycerol / glycerine / byproduct pre wash

    Qwarla; In Spanish language and in English language to a lesser extent an "a" on the end of a noun, a name may indicate you are a woman rather than a fat old bearded man. Anyway photosynthesis catches energy from the sun, a nuclear explosion. Vegetable oil production from plant material is caught energy from the nuclear explosion sometimes called the sun. Using fatty acids from plants to make biodiesel does harness catching energy from a sizeable nuclear explosion (our sun).


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