Hey All,

just occasionally you come across a gem of a store that genuinely sells things cheap.

A lot of people already know about it, but if you don't I highly recommend the 4wd supa centre. they do online sales as well as over the counter.

I recently put a properly designed to fit powder coated full length roof rack with rail sides, a 3m x 2.5m awning and a 42" light bar to the roof of my cruiser. all up less than $500. absolute bargain. the lightbar only cost $80 and it is massive. I call it the day maker. they do a great little wiring kit to suit that is so well made for an extra $20, defineitly worth it. by the time you scratch around with relays, solder, switches and electrical tape you cant beat it. The awning was about $100 and works very well. The roof rack was under $300.


If you have a forbee and want to spruce it up, you wont beat the prices.

I have no interest in the store other than wanting like minded folks to enjoy good stuff too.

good times.