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Thread: The Imsides method

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    Re: The Imsides method

    Hi smithy,

    Quote Originally Posted by smithy View Post
    Jon Heron seemed to be annoyed that I managed to convert oil to bio by using only 3.5gmsKOH/litre by using a 7 stage process.

    You did no such thing.

    It is exactly this type of inaccurate nonsense that you are continually posting that I am talking about.

    I went back and had a look at what you were claiming and you were not talking about oil. You were talking about partially reacted biodiesel. You had already performed at least one stage of reaction.

    Of course you call your first stage of reaction a “Glycerol pre-wash” and for some reason do not count it as a stage of reaction. You almost never include the chemicals contained in this first stage when you tell people the quantities of chemicals used in a reaction.

    I have no idea why you continually post inaccurate and misleading information.
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