Hello SVO enthusiasts,

After 6 years of collecting oil from my supplier in Melbourne, I am moving to Western Australia, and the supply is there for the right person. I just spoke to the owner of the restaurant in question who is keen to find someone who can be a reliable collector of his waste oil. Here are the details:

- Location is Richmond (Melbourne).
- It's a vegetarian restaurant so no nasty animal fats to solidify at cold temperatures
- But I did initially have some problem with some kind of sludge that would go straight through 1 micron filter cloth but pretty quickly clog the filter in my engine. I solved this using a home-made centrifuge build out of a fruit juicer. However the owner tells me that they have started doing their own fine particle filtration, so maybe this isn't a big problem any more.
- They get through one 20 litre drum per week, regular as clockwork except around Christmas/New Year when they close for a couple of weeks
- You don't have to collect every week as they have room to hold supplies up to about 6 weeks
- Oil is left in 20 litre plastic drums that you need to return for re-use.

If you're interested, PM me and I'll put you in touch with the restaurant owner.