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Thread: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    Quote Originally Posted by 83Patrol View Post
    I was going to suggest this at the start of the thread, but assumed that it would have been the first thing that was checked in the process of elimination...

    Again, I assumed that the pump would have been wired up in such a way to only be on when it's needed by the veg oil solenoid or whatever switching system you have set up, or that you would at least manually turn the pump off when wanted to turn the engine off.

    But I also wonder why you would want to shut the engine down whilst running on veg oil (which implies that you're not purging) given the design of your engine. You're running WVO / SVO / veg oil, not processed biodiesel, which generally requires minimal (or nil) modifications to a direct injection vehicle and driving pactices. Which brings us to:

    Flushed at night only, as in once a day? The 1HD-T is a direct injection (DI) engine, and I'm pretty sure it uses a VE / rotary injection pump (IP). TimHJ61 and others have written about the perils of failing to diligently purge (flush) a direct injection engine with diesel after each run. Even an inderect injection (IDI) using a VE / dotray pump is a risky proposition a if you're not purging I after each run. It's pretty basic common knowledge, to be honest.

    I know that Dave Jones would be proud of you for choosing to stick your middle finger up to the popular and long-held ideas surrounding veg oil myths and dogma, but maybe one should humble up and go back to basics, and read the FAQ/sticky on this very site regarding Direct Injection fuel systems.

    No offence intended. I am pretty sure that you don't take things personally anyway, otherwise I wouldn't be so direct. It's just that to me, you often seem to run people and their opinions down as stupid or inferior, yet you fail to miss the obvious, very basic things... such as all of the above, even though you have been on this forum in different guides for at least 6 years (that I know of) and come across on you posts and on your website as something of an expert in this field.

    Given your qualifications and confidence in your writings, I'd hate for a newbie to copy what you're doing and kill their $20,000-plus Toyota 1HD-T powered Land Cruiser. Personally, I reckon that that's what you'll soon do with yours. My opinion only though, and I am often wrong!

    Note: I run my old Merc engine on basically straight WVO, sometimes with minimal blending. Everything is stock standard - only 1 tank, 1 standard fuel filter (plus the factory inline mesh filter) and no fuel heating at all. Not having a second fuel tank or associated bits, I don't (can't) purge with diesel when I turn the car off.

    So maybe I'm a hypocrite in this regard... But like your old Merc, it uses an indirect (IDI) as opposed to direct injection (DI) fuel system, and uses an antique-style inline injection pump with attached factory mechanical (cam driven) lift pump. Engine seems fine still, (if a bit gutless - it had done over 300,000 km when I bought it and was gutless then) and I'm not expecting it to last, to be honest. I got the car very cheap. I would definitely NOT be doing this with a DI vehicle, nor one with a VE / rotary style injection pump - especially on such an expensive vehicle!
    I just remembered why I don't visit this forum much anymore

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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    Hi Mark
    I had one of these 1HDTs and found a problem once affecting power which turned out to be a problem with fuel line clamps on the send line after the heat exchanges going loose sucking air and found I had to upgrade the type of clamp I used.


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