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Thread: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    Now the plot thickens even further. Having dismantled the pump, I am told by Kim from Total Fuel in Balcatta that there was metal in it, although he couldn't see where it came from.

    It's a complete mystery to me too. The plumbing was that it came in through my shower accessory heat exchanger, then through a Frantz, then through a plate heat exchanger, then through a Delco CAV filter then to the IP. I never experienced and filter blockage issues in either filter, and in any case I can't imagine where the metal would come from anyway.

    Anyhow it doesn't matter - I'm upgrading the turbo and part of it is an upgraded fuel pump. So I just send this one away as is and get an exchange unit

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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Mark View Post
    The plot thickens. The cutoff solenoid has been replaced but the engine is still running on when the ignition is turned off. So it's off for a full IP rebuild. Funny thing is that I never had these problems with Toyo IPs when running B100
    Mark, has the electrical side of things been checked to be working correctly? It could be a short circuit to a live wire could be the cause.
    Easy test, disconnect the wire to the shut down solenoid and the engine should stop.
    If the engine continues, then the solenoid is suspect, or there are other things at fault in the IP.

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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    Yes - it was done by Carmine at Dynamic Automotives up in Balcatta - he's got a 80 series himself - he knows them inside out. When I say it didn't cut off, I mean it almost did. When you turned it off the revs would drop down to about 200 or 300 rpm and it would sit there just chugging slowly. I still can't work out how the metal got in there. Are those delphi CAV filters OK? I checked the specs on them and they seemed OK
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    Re: Problems with 1HDT on SVO

    The Delphi 296 is a fine filter, but I doubt it will allow enough fuel through? I know I have a different pump in my 1HDFTE. If you do the upgrade and find performance is lacking, swap to the fleet guard ff167A. It has roughly twice the flow. Also run the flow backwards through the filter if you aren’t already, that way the glass bowl gives you a real indication of your fuel condition and your filters will last longer.


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