I have purchased a new Chinese copy of my IHI RHB5 VI58 turbo from eBay and have started preparations for replacing the old one in my Rodeo later this week.

Having degreased the area and removed the heat shields, I was confronted with an interesting bolt arrangement that mates the exhaust side turbine housing to the dump pipe. As you can see in the photo, rather than just a simple hex-head bolt going all the way through it appears to be a threaded stud with a nut on one end.

Click image for larger version. 

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My fear is that when I start to loosen those nuts, the nuts will come off and leave the threaded stud still connecting the two parts with no way to remove it.

Has anyone else encountered this arrangement and how did you deal with it?

(Thanks again to Cade for the tips already provided from his experience recently having done the same thing with his Mazda)