I've had various issues with my Isuzu OEM sediment / water trap getting gummed up with yet identified 'tarry substance' which I have posted about previously. It got so gummed that I had to pull it all apart a couple of times in the last few years to clean and the non-return flaps are now 'stuffed' so that it doesn't work as a primer anymore.

I have also had intermittent issues with air leaks, which I assume come from the newer-style rubber plunger in the priming mechanism being attacked by biodiesel. I fitted a Facet-style 'clackety-clack' solid state electric fuel pump to prime and that works fine.

But I wanted a better solution and spent quite a bit of time trying to track down a CAV-style combined filter & sediment/water trap with an old-style piston primer. It seemed like no one makes them anymore and I sourced a secondhand one from a fellow forum member which I have just rebuilt with Viton seals. I will report back on how it goes when I put it in this weekend.

But in the meantime I have just found this very comprehensive diesel supplies place that sells new ones! They are a Delphi brand and exactly the same as the secondhand one I now have.


I thought they might be of interest to others.

There is also a vast array of other bits and pieces on this site so you can set these filter assemblies up with quick-connect fittings, or hose barb-to-banjo-bolt or whatever you like.

I think this will be a good resource for hard-to-find fittings in the future.