In making recent batches of bio I have tried to do the reaction and let the product sit as long as possible before washing. I've found this to be beneficial in that more byproduct drops out with time and I have to wash less and seem to get less 'tarry substance' in the bottom of my cubies and filter sedimenter.

So I had what I thought was a reacted batch (that has been sitting for more than 2 months) but went to transfer it to the wash tank the other day it had the consistency and colour of unreacted WVO.

I just assumed that I'd forgotten that I hadn't already processed it and set about making some methoxide. I then realised I only had about 18L of methanol handy, but plenty of KOH. I am getting quite low on fuel, so I thought - I'll take a gamble here and try to use 18L of methanol instead of the normal 36L with the (fairly standard) 2 kg of KOH. I have about 2L of correctly mixed methoxide that I saved previously and thought I could just do a secondary reaction with it in the event that I didn't get 100% conversion.

So I went ahead and processed the batch with 50% less methanol than normal and it is clear that it hasn't worked. The oil still looks largely unprocessed. Fairly murky looking, similar viscosity to WVO, rather than biodiesel and no obvious heavier glycerol layer in the bottom of the tank. I thought I'd probably get a partial conversion, but hadn't gambled on what seems like a fairly homogeneous product.

What is my smartest move from here?