Hi all, I'm starting to plan out a WVO dual tank conversion for my 96 12 valve and was wondering if anyone has opinions on the pump offered by WVO designs. I've found a lost of post where people say they have them but they don't comment on if they are really satisfied with the pump for $500+. On the other hand I also don't want to cheap out on a pump and be stranded on the side of the road.

After looking at many, many other pumps I decided that there were a few things that are pretty much a must to pump WVO.
#1 No diaphragm or plastic vane pumps. We all know how veg oil hardens plastic and makes it brittle.
#2 It needs to be rated to run constant. Nothing intermittent.
#3 My truck needs 20 psi to feed the injector pump.
#4 It needs to be able to handle the temps. WVO reaches during operation. So about 180F
#5 Viton seals.

So the only other pump I can find is a Marco UP2, I was going to attatch a picture but just google it if you want, and after mounting a bypass pressure regulator onto it I can
at least
cut the price half compared to the WVO designs and still meet all the criteria above. (it was really hard finding a metal gear pump) The UP2 is used by a lot of racers to pump oil to turbos and no one racing invests in something they think is unreliable. I have a cheap Ebay version of that pump to collect & transfer veg oil and I have pumped all kinds of crud through it and it keeps going. Breading crumbs, bits of fries, and cold fatty wvo.

I could keep talking but that got longer than I wanted it to. So if you have any experience with either of those pumps or have other suggestions please, your $0.02 will be appreciated.