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Thread: Blending supplies.

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    Re: Blending supplies.

    I have had several glow plugs die over the years in my old mazda. when it became obvious that at least one had died, I pulled them all out. simply check them with a decent wire and your battery terminals to see which ones glow, and which ones dont. use a pair of welding gloves though, they get a tad hot. be careful when extracting them, sometimes the pre combustion chamber gets quite jam packed with soot around the plug. you dont want the ceramic coating breaking off the plug and falling into the cylinder as the soot can pack in quite tight.


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    Re: Blending supplies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Captaincademan View Post
    sometimes the pre combustion chamber gets quite jam packed with soot around the plug. you dont want the ceramic coating breaking off the plug and falling into the cylinder as the soot can pack in quite tight.
    Yes, I always hold my breath every time I have to replace a glow plug. While I did manage to break the terminal off of one of the glow plugs the last time I had to change some, I was still able to extract it normally using the deep socket.

    So far I have replaced the glowplugs twice on the Musso with the exception of the #1 cylinder which is still on it's 2nd glow plug.
    Glowplugs are not easy to remove on the Musso, however, with enough extensions, universals and swearing, glowplug removal can be accomplished without major disassembly. As I recall, #3 glowplug is particularly dfun.

    A warning- make sure to securely tape all extensions, universals and sockets together so they will not come apart while removing the glowplugs. The last thing you want is to have a glow plug or socket or extension drop down into the inaccessible nooks and crannies of your engine.

    Typically, on the Musso, you can not hand start the new glowplug into it's hole. Maybe you can get to #5 cylinder but for the most part there is too much plumbing in the way to start the new glowplugs into the engine by hand.
    I found that the easiest method of starting the new glowplug screwing into it's hole is to get a piece of clear plastic hose that the top part of the glowplug will slip snuggly into and then reach it through the maze of plumbing into it's hole. This is actually one of the easiest steps in the replacement procedure.
    Once you have started the Glowplug screwing into it's hole, pull the clear plastic hose off and continue with the socket on extensions.

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    Re: Blending supplies.

    Thanks Tony and Tilly, that's a handy feature. With the Jackaroo I had difficult starting once but engine ran fine immediately it started, eventually found 2 of 4 glow plugs dead.
    BTW the Merc has been starting ok, maybe a little rough when its cold on 90%veg and 10% petrol.
    Any suggestions on procurement of misfuel? Apart from just walking into the service department and asking them, which I will probably do soon.
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    Re: Blending supplies.

    JJ, I contacted each of the Automasters shops in my area (6 of them) and asked for them to pone me when they have some. I got a call 2 weeks ago when they had ~200L in 20L drums. I get a call once or twice a year from 2 or 3 of them with 20 - 40L, plus usually one big pickup.
    I have a fuel dispensing tank at home which I keep for misfuel. I am happy for anyone to pinch some 'petrol' from my tank. they won't get far. LOL
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