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Thread: Musso Fuel Gauge stuck at 3/4 tank

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    Re: Musso Fuel Gauge stuck at 3/4 tank

    I intended to do the test with the low fuel light about 10 times, each with about 10 litres of fuel. Surely even though the level where the light comes on isn't accurate, over 10 times the error would mostly average itself out.

    My Rexton was manufactured Feb 2006 but not sold by a dealer and registered until Nov 2007 so It's one of the change over cars ie has common rail but no DPF. I would therefore assume it has an in tank pump which makes Tonys suggestion of a separate container a little difficult.

    TBH I'm not that bothered (in a way) between the comparison with and without the WI. I'm trying to get the gms CO2/Km down to less than 226 which would put it into the lower tax band and reduce the road tax by nearly 50%
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