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So are there no roadworthy 2 wd diesel utes for that price. Maybe NSW yearly roadworthy checks have sent them all to the wreckers. I'm sure there would be plenty here in SA. Rough old farm Utes which if they have stayed registered and the drivers haven't attracted the law with their driving just keep plugging on. Old Tritons Rodeos and Hiluxes.
Johnno - I think you have summed it up well. Any old utes in NSW are subject to annual inspections, so are probably in a lot better condition, on average, than in states where annual inspections are not required, therefore, fetch a lot more money. I've seen a couple of ok ones in VIC & QLD, but they get snapped up pretty quick. I have alerts but up on Gumtree and & Car Sales so I can get onto them quick, but pretty tough if they are interstate. Keep your eyes peeled!