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Thread: Western Sydney Users

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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    the titrations are really quite simple but i know where your at it was dauting i know. you might get the WVO in the old 20L drums as i do. i personally prefer this as i dont have to pump the damn stuff. as for glycerin i heat above 70C then leave to cool and put into the sandy soils inmy garden. But most goes into 20L drums and into the industrial waste bin. the hight ffa stuff is still easy to make bio out of -titrations are the key. as for filtered out food scraps i dont bother as the reacton drops all this crud out.
    i have never made any bio with new oil i cant believe how clear/white it is.

    how do you plan i titrating? what method.
    Harold 2002 Toyota Landcruiser 105 series. 4.2lt turbo glide turbo, Too lazy to make bio nowdays times money. 3'' lift.

    Roidio 2001 Holden Rodeo 4x4 2.8L TD. 2.5" exhaust sytem, H/E shower system. 4" Lift, Airbags, And lots of fruit, B100 for 55,000 . SOLD

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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    Hi all
    Have read and appreciate all the info in these pages. I live in the Kenthurst /Windsor area, and want to get started. We all have different reasons for Bio, I'm trying to educate my kids in the carbon cycle, plus enjoy projects, and of course the money thing.
    In the first instance, i travel to Marickville regularily and am happy to bring drums of B100 back to the north west for anyone who wants them. Just call me. Happy to have my number passed on to any of your friends that you think are a bit freaked by B100, but might use it as a blend with fossil diesel. It all helps the co2 issue.
    Secondly, have told the wife she is getting a new hot water heater, cause i need the old one.....
    I would love to watch / be involved with anyone making a brew some time. You can read all the books but nothing like seeing it. Happy to bring a slab.
    Can anyone give me a heads upon methanol and Koh or Naoh in the Windsor area?
    Thanks for the forum and generosity of those helping us newbies.
    0415 476 474

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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    Giday from Bilpin, this is in the middle between Richmond and Lithgow.
    I can't find where to get some methenol.
    I am having trouble in getting the hardware to start making Fuel for my Hilux.
    I need to get started and saving money . I am spending way to much at the pumps.


    Quote Originally Posted by geewizztoo View Post
    I'm south of Liverpool, near the Holsworthy army camp. I'm willing to help any newbies to get started.

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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    Hi all

    I'm still researching options for my new Hyundai I30 auto. I've been watching, reading and learning from all your experiences for months now, and I have to say...thank you everyone, you're a wealth of information.

    I was planning on starting to produce my own B100, but then it occurred to becomes cheaper the more it gets used, and unless you run a fleet of vehicles, most production equipment sits idle between bouts of frantic activity, which makes it expensive.

    So if anyone in Sydney (I live in Baulkham Hills) with a late model diesel car, who is already producing biodiesel, wants to collaborate in costs, time and effort, I'd like to hear from you. We can produce larger quantities so costs come down and I'm happy to contribute to the cost of equipment.

    My email is



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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    Hi Stewart,
    Some people have all sorts of fears about biodiesel and what it might do to their cars. I have been making bd for about four years and have it down to a fairly fine art now. I began making it because I run a Toyota Coaster bus which is privately owned and cannot be hired out so as to make it earn its keep. I needed to reduce running costs as much as possible so began making bd. I have since bought a diesel car to get about in and needless to say, run this on bd as well. I travelled 47000k's in the diesel (in 19 months) and never once changed the fuel filter - sold it with the same filter that was in it when I bought it! No changes were made to accommodate the bd and it ran as well on bd as it did on petro diesel. I now own a diesel van and have put about 20000k's on taht in eight months without changing the fuel filter. A friend with a Toyota Chaser diesel tells the same story. So long as the fuel is well made and is clean, you should have no troube with it.
    Having said that, if your vehicle happens to be a modern high tech common rail diesel, you would be well advised to put the fuel (good quality fuel remember) through a one micron filter before putting it into the tank. Some of the bd being marketed by Volume Plus servos is pretty suss and could be bad news, particularly for common rail diesels.
    The oil from which the bd is made has a bearing too in terms of how it reacts to low temperatures. Bd which is made from some animal fats is fine in hot weather but clouds and solidifies in the cold - this makes reliable motoring doubtful if you happen to live in frost prone areas! This happened to me once when I overnighted in Wagga in the dead of winter. That has been my only problem in four years of motoring on B100. (ie. 100% biodiesel) I produce about 100 litres of WVO each week.
    I would be happy to answer any further questions.
    Cheers, Spanner
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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    Hi Guys,
    Im new to the world Of Biodiesel and SVO,
    Im based in Campbelltown NSW, Im trolling through the forum to learn as much as I can but Would Appriceate if any one could throw me a few pointers!
    Im purchasing a 94 GQ patrol NA diesel to play with,

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    Re: Western Sydney Users

    welcome to the forum.
    Have a look at
    To see a few others who have Patrols using 2 tank conversions to run on WVO.
    Try using the Google search facility to search within this forum (see below in my footer)
    Life is a journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.

    Current Vehicles in stable:
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    '2014 Toyota Prius (on ULP)

    Previous Vehicles:
    '90 Mazda Capella. (2000 - 2003) My first Fatmobile. Converted to fun on veggie oil with a 2 tank setup. Died when supercharger stuck at max boost for weeks. Stretched head bolts.
    '80 Mercedes 300D. 2 tank conversion [Sold]
    '84 Mercedes 300D. 1 tank, no conversion. Replaced engine with rebuilt OM617A turbodiesel engine. Finally had good power. Donor for current Fatmobile coupe. (body parted out and carcass sold for scrap.)
    '99 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my darling Wife's car)[sold]
    '98 Mercedes W202 C250 Turbodiesel (my car)[sold]
    Parts Car C220 1993 SOLD.
    '85 Mercedes Benz W123 300CD Turbodiesel single tank using 95% used cooking oil and 5% to 10% misfuel (where someone had filled diesel vehicle with petrol).
    '06 Musso Sports Crew Cab. Running on used cooking oil with 5% to 10% misfuel. [Head gasket blew!]

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