View Full Version : Strange ratte knock/rattle after running out of fuel

27th April 2017, 02:08 PM
Hi folks, I have been running unwashed biodiesel for 14 years, first 12 years in a series of old Nissan Urvans which were mostly pretty rough motor wise fromm start to finish.
Two years ago I got 1993 Toyota Estima which had only done 185,000. (a luxury vehicle for us!)

We have done 80,000kms since with no real trouble till.....

We ran out of fuel for first time a month ago. Soon after engine developed a bad kncok/rattle sound. At first I would have described it as a bad knock (like big ends). Now I reckon it sounds more like a rattle (like tappets). It is probably worse when cold.

It bows white smoke when you accelerate suddenly, but no smoke when running normally. It has started to use about 1 lt of oil between 5000 k oil changes which it did not originally.

It never had a great deal of power, but from what i read that is normal and fine, and it does not seem to have any less power now really.

The noise may not be connected to running out of fuel of course.

Would be grateful for any ideas?


29th April 2017, 02:32 PM
Ive go an estima and have run it on Bio for years, without too many problems. First thing I would do is replace the fuel filter, and look carefully at the rubber fuel lines. If your pump is get a little bit of air into it through a leak it can cause the faults your describe. Next I would replace the shaft seal on the injector pump with A viton seal. they can suck in air front the seal and also leak fuel. You can remove the pump with out taking of the cam belt, and it not to bad to get at apart from one blot at the bottom of the injector pump.