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21st February 2008, 10:07 PM
Hi All....
Been looking for a couple of weeks for bio diesel parts...and was beggining I was all alone with this venture ... then I found you lot.....just what I have been looking for..... Other peps who have been there, seen it and got the T shirt....

Right then.. wher to start....Started to do the biodiesel process a few years ago but then stopped because of moving half way round the world. So 'sort off' know the process but what I need know is all the bits and bobs.
Have been lloking for suppliers of the conicle tanks but cant seem to find any... Any where I can get them local'ish to the Gold Coast or Brisbane..plus a tonne of other bits as well. like the piping, tubing , which should nt be a problem getting....
Or if anybody has a spare complete setup in there back pocket :rolleyes:

Anyway.... Now I've found you all. lurking here. I expect I'll be posting away, to my hearts content....
Cheers Dave :)

Tony From West Oz
21st February 2008, 10:51 PM
Welcome to the forum. It is refreshing to see new people with their enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, I doubt that I can help you because I am in WA and do not know the SE QLD suppliers and manufacturers. There will be input soon from people in your area.


21st February 2008, 11:08 PM
It is refreshing to see new people with their enthusiasm.

We'll knock that out of him.

I got all my piping bits and valves from Reece. I got a 200 litre an hours pump from ebay and made my own vessel. I had a welder roll and weld the cone. But I marked and cut it out.

Cost was 100 there. You might get away with 200 if they cut, roll and weld the lot.

You can get plumbing diagrams from biodieselcommunity.org/appleseedprocessor/.

Good luck and let us know how you gwt along.

22nd February 2008, 10:45 AM
Welcome! Where did you move to Oz from?

You can buy cone bottom poly tanks, but if you want a steel one based on a 44 you'll have to get it fabbed up.

Alternatively you can do what I have done (and many others) and use an old hot water tank as per the "Appleseed" design (look it up!). It has a few advantages e.g. insualtion, built in threaded inlets/outlets (no fab required), built in heating element/thermostat. And you can usually pick one up for free from a plumbers (ask them for one that doesn't leak, as most of them do!)

The main disadvantages are that it doesn't have a cone bottom (unless you turn it upside down) and you can't see inside it. But I haven't had any problem with mine in over a year and it makes great biodiesel.

21st July 2008, 10:12 PM
hows things working for you do you nesd some one to help you ,if so get hold of me im in the gold coast