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  1. US Energy Department may bail out failed biofuel investments
  2. Disaster averted after bio-diesel 'sludge' dumped
  3. Washington state recycler of the year is Burgerville
  4. Nbg Daily 14-05-07
  5. Biofuels: The Next WTO Spat
  6. Bovine tallow, could that be Brazil's secret biodiesel weapon?
  7. Australia to push for more bioethanol
  8. 'Earthrace' docks at Cochin port
  9. Nbg Daily 14-5-07
  10. What price addiction?
  11. Sake a potential biofuel
  12. Just burn corn
  13. Using Biodiesel in South London
  14. Uni runs vehicles on cooking oil
  15. Nbg Daily 16-05-07
  16. CBOT mini corn and wheat futures
  17. UK Politicians love biofuels
  18. US Farm Bill 2007
  19. Just how politically sustainable is using food for fuel in the US?
  20. Now US Grocers want an end to corn subsidies and ethanol tariffs
  21. Biogasoline on sale in Tokyo
  22. Cereal demand and production is going to be tight in 2007
  23. Big biodiesel plans at port of Sacramento
  24. NBG Daily 17-05-07
  25. It's cold in Chile, so they're exempting biofuels from tax
  26. Biofuels displace traditional fuels. Or is that a fallacy?
  27. 20 per cent blended bio-diesel planned for diesel locos
  28. Christchurch leads the way in bio-fuel technology
  29. Now that's what I call advertising
  30. Biofuels displace traditional fuels. Or is that a fallacy?
  31. Lets talk trees
  32. "Adopt a fuel policy that works": Arnie
  33. Biofuel from wood, one approach
  34. Biofuelers go fishing and miss a trick.
  35. Some economics on wood as biofuel
  36. Bio-diesel production to start in Visonta, Hungary
  37. NBG Daily 21-05-07
  38. NBG Daily 22-05-07
  39. Brazil's new ethanol futures contract
  40. Now it's Big Biofuels fault
  41. PRESS: Romanian metallurgy company Profiland-Intfor to invest EUR 7 mlnin bio-diesel
  42. Rural Gas Station Among First to Sell Bio-Diesel
  43. Now uncertainty over ethanol is keeping US gas prices up
  44. Ethanol to outpace biodiesel
  45. NBG Daily 24-5-07
  46. NBG Daily 25-05-07
  47. Holiday Ahoy
  48. Bio-diesel technology for free
  49. NBG Daily 28-05-07
  50. NBG Daily 29-05-07
  51. Nbg 30-05-07
  52. Urban Tour Runs On Bio-diesel
  53. Bio-diesel plant unveiled in Galveston
  54. Conversion to Bio-Diesel Fuel Helps City with $
  55. Railways offers industry free bio-diesel technology
  56. Friends of the Earth and Ethanol
  57. Switchgrass and domestic heating
  58. NBG Daily 1-06-07
  59. NBG Daily 4-06-07
  60. NBG Daily 05-06-07
  61. Biofuels may be green but look increasingly bloody
  62. Neste inaugutes new biorefinery
  63. Indonesian forests under palm oil threat
  64. Maybe fuel costs are shaping the US car market a little
  65. Is corn ethanol water positive?
  66. Biofuels could be very good for third world: UN
  67. Non Profit Turns Restaurant Grease Into Bio-Diesel Fuel
  68. 170 Restaurants Turning Cooking Oil into Biodiesel
  69. NBG Daily 06-06-07
  70. George Soros wants biofuel tariffs lifted
  71. OPEC says biofuels could push gasoline prices higher
  72. Europe's first biodiesel train
  73. Virgin launches Europe's first bio-diesel train
  74. Brazilan US biofuels symposium
  75. Just how much modification do trains need to run biodiesel
  76. More on modifying locomotive diesel engines for biofuels
  77. Thailand to enforce bio-diesel use
  78. NBG Daily 12-06-07
  79. Ecare Fair demonstrates energy alternatives
  80. NBG Daily 13-06-07
  81. Thailand to enforce bio-diesel use in April next year
  82. Veg oil was a fine choice for Bob Teixeira
  83. BP is crossing the oil bio divide
  84. NBG Daily 14-06-07
  85. NBG Dail 15-06-07
  86. Biodiesel firms face ruin
  87. (AFX UK Focus) 2007-06-13 11:49 GMT: SOS Cuetara says biodiesel plant construction 'a
  88. Food , UN Agencies, biofuels and confusion
  89. ICIS Biofuel Conference
  90. Numbers on corn and gasoline price and inflation
  91. Biodiesel station open for business
  92. Biodiesel group Argent set for 70m flotation
  93. Oregon's academics say ethanol is a waste of effort
  94. US ethanol subidy could fall
  95. David Frindley pours some cold water on biofuels
  96. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  97. 25X25 comes a little closer
  98. The us push for biofuels causes oil to rethink refinery investments
  99. Biofuel Network
  100. UOP announces first for its Ecofining technology in Europe
  101. Biodiesel trialled in aero engine
  102. UK farmers and biofuels
  103. Oregon's latest biofuels tax breaks
  104. Biofuels and taxes
  105. Greenpeace and the threat to Orang Utans
  106. NBG Daily 18-06-07
  107. NBG Daily 19-06-07
  108. NBG Daily 20-06-07
  109. Just how much deal making was there in biofuels last year?
  110. NBG Daily 22/06/07
  111. NBG Daily 26/06/07
  112. More thoughts on biofuels and inflation
  113. Chicago board of trade offers monthly agricutlural updates
  114. Tata Chemicals to make biofuels in India
  115. US gasoline might reach $6.40/gal
  116. Here's a US rail biodiesel evaluation
  117. Biofuel volumes to grow in UK, wheat costs up?
  118. Food costs and inflation
  119. Get your pictures rolling in
  120. If you're worried about losing soil, perhaps you should read this
  121. Drought may push corn prices higher
  122. Food vs Fuel Here's the kicker
  123. Honewell UOP to develop US and Nato Jet fuel
  124. biofuel and beer a link that's worrying lorry drivers
  125. NBG Daily 2/07/07
  126. Orangutans biofuels food and dilemmas
  127. BP and D1 oils in Jatropha venture
  128. Brazilian government liberates sugarcane workers from slave like condidions
  129. McDonalds in biofuel move
  130. Lawrence approves biodiesel funding
  131. Bio-diesel Plant Moving North
  132. Green Report: Bio-Diesel - video included
  133. Jatropha: is it really a crop?
  134. Bob Metlcalf takes helm of Greenfuel technologies
  135. Braschem and Galp in biofuel deal
  136. Biofuels are changing agricultural economics
  137. Bio-diesel to fuel fire engines
  138. Thailand selected for location of bio-diesel demonstration plant
  139. High price of edible oils slows Asian biofuel production
  140. let us farm set aside land Europe farmers say
  141. The US Farm Bill
  142. NBG Daily 6/7/07
  143. NBG Daily 4/7/07
  144. European Commissioners had a day thinking about biofuels yesterday
  145. A letter to the UK All Party Renewable Transport Fuels Group
  146. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  147. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  148. Nestle chief worried about high price food
  149. How did your senator vote over the tariff?
  150. NBG Daily 10/07/07
  151. The Prairie Star
  152. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  153. All Party parliamentary group on renewable transport fuels
  154. What do professionals think about biofuels?
  155. Oil Companies Watch Warily as Bio-Diesel Boom Occurs
  156. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  157. Food, waste food and biofuels
  158. Mallow for tomorrow?
  159. US looks to sugar for biofuels
  160. Government advisors call for re-think on oil recycling
  161. Food vs Fuel: the International Herald Tribue speaks
  162. Repsol distributes first biodiesel in Spain
  163. Crisis Distillation to start in France and Italy
  164. Bayou Diesel plans to invest $15 million
  165. Mitusi has a new molecular seive to remove water from ethanol
  166. Yellow is not green
  167. Biodiesel Industrial Corporation builds in South America
  168. Clovis group seeking funds for bio-diesel plant
  169. The Prairie Star
  170. (AFX UK Focus) 2007-11-22 07:16 GMT: Palm oil-based bio-diesel not viable at current
  171. Bio-diesel plant to cut US$1,7bn in fuel imports
  172. Bio-Diesel Seminar Saving People Some Green
  173. I'm moderating the 2008 World Biofuels Markets Congress
  174. Japanese biofuel collaboration
  175. Thai police love biodisel
  176. US BioEnergy Q3 numbers
  177. More on Dyanmotive's fast pyrolysis process
  178. George Monbiot's take on biofuels
  179. UK?s first ethanol plant opens
  180. E10 now available at 200 Caltex service stations
  181. Natural Fuel to cease biodiesel production in Darwin?
  182. Biotruck to drive from the UK to Timbuktu on chocolate biofuel
  183. Jatoil takes a different approach to biodiesel production
  184. Shell and Codexis work on sustainable biofuel
  185. Mission Biofuels produces its first biodiesel in Malaysia
  186. Reclaim Industries set to turn tyres into fuel
  187. Feeds taken from Envirofuel - Sustainable Transport for Australia
  188. Camelina based biodiesel to be produced in the US
  189. Linc Energy moves to clean up its coal-to-liquids
  190. Bio-diesel Plant: a case of 'celebrating a still birth'
  191. Energetix rebadged as BioMax
  192. Ethtec constructs cellulosic ethanol pilot plant in NSW
  193. CSIRO reports on greenhouse gas and air quality emissions of biodiesel blends for Cal
  194. The potential for waste as a biofuel
  195. Zimbabwe: Bio-Diesel Plant - a Case of 'Celebrating a Still Birth'
  196. What to do with leftovers
  197. Water ethanol and California
  198. Round table on sustainable palm oil and NGO disquiet
  199. A really bad idea
  200. Oil fund tariffs to be cut for diesel, bio-diesel
  201. 20% of US corn makes ethanol this year
  202. How good for the environment is ethanol?
  203. Glycrerol to Hydrogen, the Leeds way
  204. UK's first sugarbeet to ethanol plant opens for business
  205. A smarter ethanol policy for the US?
  206. Algae grow well in high carbon dioxide environment
  207. Chilmark may use bio-diesel in school buses
  208. Interfaces between fuel food and the US political process
  209. Neste Oil to build a NExBTL plant in Singapore
  210. Biofuels far from being a silver bullet
  211. WTO Bali meeting could help reduce biofuel tariffs
  212. US Carbon tax
  213. Paul Temple talks at ICIS Bioresources Summit
  214. Mark Lewis Opportunies for biorefining in the North East of England
  215. 1st ICIS Bioresources Summit take aways
  216. Today?s biofuel crops may be tomorrow?s weeds
  217. Biochar conference
  218. Splash dash and a lot of biodiesel pain
  219. FuelPod2 home biodiesel processor
  220. D1 oils says Jatropha is different in Bali
  221. The soy (price) as is high as an elephant's eye
  222. D1 Oils asks for help in promoting sustainable biodiesel
  223. Jatoil IPO gets strong investor support
  224. Napier University opens biofuel research centre
  225. New Biocrude Refined into Biofuels!
  226. Natural Fuel commission first stage of their Singapore biodiesel plant
  227. Shell and HR Biopetroleum to grow marine algae for biodiesel in Hawaii
  228. Shell in Hawaiian bioalge experiment
  229. San Fransisco follows Kilmarnock in biofuel collection programme
  230. China to offer support for non-food biofuels
  231. Dynamotive builds wood chip to biofuel plant in Missouri
  232. US Air Force gives O2Diesel a good mid-term report card
  233. US Defense contracts design of portable synfuel plant
  234. Today's biofuels crops could be tomorrow's weeds
  235. Production Of Biodiesel From Perennials
  236. Beyond the point of no return
  237. The power of left-over food in Japan
  238. University of Leeds researchers turn glycerol into hydrogen rich gas
  239. A1 GP to use ethanol mix
  240. How the harvest is looking
  241. Honda looks to flex fuel to help meet new CAFE standards
  242. US ethanol production almost exactly matches traffic jam wastes
  243. New US CAFE regulations
  244. Biofuels Cities update
  245. Lipodiesel: that all important power to weight ratio
  246. World Bioplants
  247. Oh Jatropha
  248. Oh Jatropha
  249. Earthrace announces second attempt at the round-the-world record
  250. Self-digesting sweet potatos