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  1. Now hops are short
  2. What do you think about this picture
  3. Happy and peaceful Christmas, everybody
  4. Daimler receives orders for over 1000 hybrid buses in North America
  5. Santa tells it like it is
  6. A christmas thought
  7. Choren chooses site for biomass-to-liquids plant
  8. Something for train spotters
  9. Call for sustainable fuel certification
  10. Brazil, the US and ethanol trade
  11. Good Jatropha information
  12. Andrew Boswell at a rally in London
  13. Case IH extends approval for biodiesel use in Australian farm equipment
  14. Four biofuel predictions for 2008
  15. Honda moves into the solar cell market
  16. Brazil?s 2 percent biodiesel mandate is in effect
  17. WA farmers to grow Indian Mustard for biodiesel
  18. Subsituting soy for wheat leads to deforestation in Brazil
  19. Asian Biodiesel production economics
  20. Subsituting soy for wheat leads to deforestation in Brazil
  21. Tree based biodiesel near Mt Isa?
  22. Is ethanol energetically favourable?
  23. Worries about biofuels move into different areas
  24. Europe is facing a biofuel feedstock crunch
  25. Syntec acquires ethanol catalyst technology to convert biomass to alcohol
  26. Iowa Caucus and the winner's policies
  27. Brazil wants to be a biodiesel superpower too
  28. The FT has noticed that there's a link between oil and palm oil prices
  29. Syntic buys catalyst technology to convert biomass to ethanol
  30. The Price of Biofuels - Do we really have any alternative to biofuels?
  31. Interesting sales figures for 2007
  32. Asia looking hard at coal-to-liquids
  33. Mission Biofuels signs second agreement for Indian Jatropha
  34. mmm Peaches
  35. A big hand please for... Danny the Digester
  36. Food vs Fuel a Scottish perspective
  37. Switchgrass is sustainable and energetically favourable
  38. An ethanol bankruptcy
  39. Ethanol plant planned for Coleambally
  40. New biodiesel plant for Bomen (Wagga Wagga)
  41. There's a wave of approval for switchgrass
  42. US study shows switchgrass is a promising ethanol biomass
  43. Mission Biofuels achieves German biodiesel certification
  44. Check out ethanol plant closures in the US
  45. A tough end to 2007 and start to 2008 for biodiesel makers in the US
  46. ADM, Bayer and Daimler love biofuels
  47. Need a research grant?
  48. Primafuel to build plant in West Sacramento
  49. Pongamia biodiesel research starts in Queensland
  50. Will 2008 be the year that society turns against biofuels?
  51. How to get your biofuel policy wrong
  52. The next two weeks are going to be important for biofuels in Europe
  53. High palm oil prices slow biodiesel production in Asia
  54. EU rethinks biofuels guidelines
  55. A biopowered hummer, now there's a thought
  56. Calls for cutting the US ethanol subsidy to cut price of US milk
  57. GM Backs second generation biofuels
  58. Daimler continues researching Jatropha biodiesel with Archer Daniels Midland and Baye
  59. Everyone's going have to get with it -- Lutz, GM
  60. Virgin Atlantic 747 biofuel flight planned for February
  61. O2Diesel to be used in Paraguayan transit system
  62. Virgin to trial biofuel in transatlantic 747 flight
  63. Biofuels for municpal power generation
  64. Which blend would you like? Jeff Broin's view of the future
  65. MIT scientists use e. coli to make butanol
  66. Ethanol powered hybrids could be 15x more efficient than gasoline powered cars
  67. Cellulosic ethanol could not get off the ground -- Sen Peterson
  68. More on Pongamia
  69. UK parliamentary committee calls for biofuel moratorium
  70. This is how to promote biofuels....
  71. Indonesia plans to pack 10% biofuel into blends by 2010
  72. Oh No, the Brazilians are coming (with an eye dropper)
  73. The impact of biodiesel on the glycerine and tallow markets
  74. Nasa supports research into the impact of biofuels on environment
  75. Solazyme produces "thousands of gallons" of algal biofuel
  76. Another butanol process
  77. UN FAO has more doubts about biofuels
  78. ConAgra drops Clovis ethanol plan on costs
  79. Dripping to biofuel
  80. Drying of the West
  81. Ethanol plants are a bad idea...
  82. Burning biomass with coal
  83. Consider the trout
  84. Vinod Kohlsa's latest thoughts on biofuels
  85. UK Parliamentary podcast on biofuels
  86. Is the price of corn too low?
  87. Is the rising price of corn forcing up the price of food?
  88. Tapioca shortage may hit china's biofuels
  89. The US Ethanol Import tariff is under review
  90. How should you spend your Federal Stimulus package? On ethanol of course
  91. Ethanol puts pressure on Minasota's water reservesEthanol puts pressure on Minnesota'
  92. Rising commodity prices put the brakes on biofuels
  93. The BionX option for electric bicycle conversion
  94. Willmott Forests to explore plantation waste biomass biofuel production
  95. Bio-crude turns cheap waste into valuable fuel
  96. Indonesia to use 1.2-1.5m kilolitres biofuel/year for fuel
  97. The US price of dried distillers grains
  98. The end of the free for all...
  99. Integrated biofuel production on a farm
  100. Jim Lovel speaks at National Biodiesl board meeting
  101. If you're in Texas on 22 February ....
  102. US exports to EU threaten global biodiesel - EBB
  103. This doesn't quite ring true to me
  104. Australian Tax Office may clamp down on unlicensed biodiesel blenders
  105. Victorian Government committee prefers natural gas to biofuels
  106. The biodiesel energy balance debate continues
  107. Furafuel process turns biomass into bio-crude
  108. Indian Biotech jobs
  109. Non-impact man and biofuels
  110. Butanol could supersede ethanol
  111. smart fortwo and Mercedes E320 show impressive economy in real world conditions
  112. Agri Energy shares suspended from trading on the ASX
  113. Its a really bad day for biofuels....
  114. American Stock Exchange moves to delist O2Diesel
  115. Holdaytime for Biofuelsimon
  116. Syntec biomass-to-alcohol process continues to improve yield
  117. Natural Fuel signs up for jatropha oil for its Singapore biodiesel plant
  118. New biodiesel plant approved in Tasmania
  119. Many things have happened since I went on holiday
  120. Food prices and food aid
  121. Virgin Atlantic biofuel flight to use coconut and babassu oil
  122. 19 US Govenors sign up to renewable fuels
  123. Department of Energy's thinking on the use of biofuels
  124. D1 oils responds to the Monbiot in the today's Guardian
  125. US ethanol demand for corn 2008
  126. Loremo looks very promising
  127. Have you found E85 for sale in your area?
  128. Can Branson save Aviation?
  129. The cost of lobbying for biodiesel
  130. Lying biodiesel pumps
  131. Biofuel backlash in developing countries
  132. How much land will we need for biofuels in the UK
  133. Biofuels Cities newsletter updated
  134. All New Zealand?s vehicles could run on locally made softwood ethanol
  135. High palm oil prices halt USD5.5 billion Indonesian biodiesel plan
  136. Tiger sorghum, bred for ethanol production
  137. Mercedes Benz DIESOTTO engine explained
  138. I'm off to New York
  139. D1 Oils may seek more funding
  140. Enffue expands into Australia
  141. Biofuel energy balancre and cars
  142. The US army uses its stomach (and brains) to make biofuels
  143. Jatoil report progress towards jatropha oil production
  144. UN Food and Agriculture Organization releases bioenergy decision support tool
  145. Off to America for some biofuels filming
  146. Top 15 unexpected uses for biodiesel
  147. Shell and Virent convert plant sugars directly into biogasoline
  148. A salutory lesson in fuel efficiency
  149. Are biofuels to blame for rising food prices?
  150. The US Biodisel market
  151. Ethanol in the US
  152. Biofuels are involved in "a crime against humanity again"
  153. Fuel from Corn
  154. UK Government thinks we might have non-food biofuels in 15 years
  155. A journeyman's view of corn and ethanol
  156. Biofuels and food
  157. Will biofuels marginalise women?
  158. Huffington calls for a boycott of biofuels from food crops on Earthday
  159. Ways of watching what I'm up to
  160. Just how much forest waste is there?
  161. Oklahoma to plant 1000 acres with switchgrass
  162. Tyson chief calls for end to US ethanol tariff
  163. Is the UN's food policy diametrically opposed to current biofuels
  164. Fertilizer and biofuels
  165. How much is ethanol costing the US
  166. Climate Progress: one to watch
  167. farmers and ethanol firms blame oil for food costs
  168. Al Jazeera on Biofuels
  169. A problem of mis-attribution, Climate Progress
  170. Trees could be the future for biofuels
  171. Is US biofuel policy about soaking tax payers and starving the world
  172. GM and Marathon invest in biofuels
  173. Jatropha good bad or indifferent
  174. A Danish perspective
  175. Triumph Daytona at 158.7 mph on fermented apples.
  176. Bioethanol wall of truth
  177. Is the bottom going to fall out of ethanol stocks?
  178. There's no free grease any more.
  179. A call to use waste for biofuels
  180. DuPont Genencor conference
  181. The Wall St Journal has a low opinion of the farm bill
  182. A brief disappearance
  183. Now ethanol will make going to the movies more expensive
  184. Now big food is using underground campaigning against ethanol
  185. New scientist says non-food biofuel crops are weeds
  186. Raising and maintaining biodiesel standards
  187. UK electricity generator to use 1.5 m tonne renewable biomass
  188. psst, wanna buy some used cooking oil?
  189. US Political party funding
  190. Praj wins big biofuel contract to supply Vivergo
  191. US post office is big buyer of ethanol powered vehicles
  192. Why fuel efficiency might not help reduce gasoline consumption
  193. US biofuel industry says: don't blame us for food price hikes
  194. To US politicans debate ethanol on the hustings
  195. I'm on holiday for a few days
  196. Surely taking corn out of the market will raise the price
  197. Biofuel, climate change and poverty: three sides of a triangle
  198. Filtertechnic open day
  199. Obama and McCain edge closer on biofuels
  200. Cellulosic ethanol from bagasse
  201. Corn ethanol profitability
  202. Texas' cattle ranchers oppose ethanol
  203. Algae lovers united
  204. Bill Gates cuts holdings in renewable fuel
  205. School children make algae biofuel
  206. Looks like the world food summit will put pressure on ethanol
  207. Sun Ethanol gains DuPont's Frey as CEO
  208. "Butanol is going to be fabulous"
  209. US Ethanol tax-breaks
  210. Brazil's sugar cane cutters to lose their jobs
  211. John's view of supply and demand in ethanol and corn
  212. Are ethanol stocks good bargain buys?
  213. Two US associations react to rising food prices
  214. EU to probe alleged US biodiesel dumping - AFP
  215. Record rains dampen crops in US midwest
  216. Corn price and investors
  217. Biofuels drive up food prices: Bodman and Scafer
  218. Tyson to turn fat into fuel
  219. A little on prices and speculation
  220. Possible biofuel crops for Mozambique
  221. Biofuels Cities newsletter
  222. Corn ethanol production economics
  223. Biodiesel could save you a few quid on a tankful.
  224. Kudzu as a biofuel crop?
  225. What effects will the midwest floods have on corn?
  226. Biofuel plants in Germany
  227. Petrotec pins hopes on old chipfat with new plant
  228. RFA comes out against Texas' plan for a biofuels waiver
  229. timeline for blog entries
  230. New ASTM standards for biodiesel & blends
  231. Kudzu its catching on
  232. Cellulosic biofuel could lower US carbon emissions by 370 megatons by 2030
  233. New ASTM standards for Biofuels
  234. Gulf of Mexico deadzone all bad for biofuels?
  235. 1 bn acres of unused agricultural land world wide could produce biofuels
  236. Switching to switchgrass isn't easy
  237. For ethanol rain's a pain on the plains
  238. Abengoa irritates European Federation for Transport and Environment
  239. Is the price of corn related to the price of crude?
  240. Biofuels push 260m people in to hunger, ActionAid
  241. Sustainable biofuels are possible says Gallagher report
  242. Are biofuels causing food price rises? Gallagher's answer
  243. Another tree oil source
  244. India's state-subsidised biofuel project close to launch
  245. Second generation biofuels and Gallagher
  246. Pushing for a brighter greener future by making your own biofuel
  247. Gallagher: the direction of biofuel policy in the UK
  248. Sao Paulo marshalls its biofuel resources
  249. Biofuels and the whole of non-meat farming
  250. Ethanol without the microbes