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  1. The high cost of corn in the US is choking off demand from ethanol producers
  2. Louisana signs advanced biofuels law into being
  3. Nuclear could get a boost from current low opinion of biofuels
  4. Ethanol subsidies could be safe for a while
  5. Ineos goes down the Fischer-Tropsch route to ethanol from municipal waste
  6. Straight from the cow to biodisel
  7. EU consults on sustainability on using biomass
  8. EPA to rule on Texas' exit from biofuel mandate on 24 July
  9. 1000 entries and what have we learned?
  10. DuPont in cellulose ethanol trial in Tennessee
  11. Ethanol plants recieve big subsidy cheques
  12. Holiday time for me
  13. The big green bus goes to Piedmont Biofuels and gets a chemistry lesson
  14. Ethanol is great, (but not to popular technology)
  15. Inside Ineos' waste to ethanol plant
  16. Grease to Greece Rally
  17. BP investst in Verenium
  18. Catalyst break through for biofuels
  19. Clinton backs push to cellulosic ethanol
  20. Mixed messages as India drops state funding for biodiesel
  21. Is this an accurate snapshot of the problems facing the biodiesel industry in North A
  22. Biofuel Cities Europe has its own forums now
  23. Reclaim Resources has a process to generate biofuel from domestic waste
  24. World Bank blames biofuels for rising food prices
  25. Now its "green" to ship trees to power stations
  26. 19% of UK biofuel meets ethical standards -- RFA
  27. E.ON responds to "green" to ship trees post
  28. Tropical maize may be better than US corn for biofuels
  29. Toronto looks hard at biofuels for busses
  30. Air New Zealand to try Jatropha based biofuel by end 2008
  31. Biofuels subsidies at root of carbon dioxide problem
  32. A catalytic route to Biodisel
  33. Corn stover research gets started
  34. Why is Obama pro corn ethanol and McCain anti?
  35. Enterprise-rent-a-car appoints Sayre as academic biofuel director
  36. Couple sentenced in biodiesel fuel scam
  37. Solazyme raises finance
  38. A biofuels polemic from Huffington Post
  39. US ethanol replaced about 2.6% of gasoline demand
  40. BioEnergy Africa to list on the UK Alternative Investment Market today.
  41. How India could join the biofuel explosion
  42. Ethanol is a stepping stone
  43. Desert greenhouses could harness the sea to grow bioufels
  44. Miscanthus research in Iowa
  45. Indian Sugar cane to ethanol: a study
  46. How much stover to leave
  47. How to grow more corn: Plant it closer together
  48. Africa a green gold rush
  49. Independent Newspaper in biofuels debate
  50. McCain opposes ethanol subisdies
  51. Abengoa gets 2% discount on new Plant
  52. Solazyme algae-based biofuel ok for Jet fuel
  53. Ethanol to power in Pakistan
  54. Looking at the economics of distillers grains
  55. Kraft food leads biofuel fightback
  56. Friends of the Earth and Brazil's sugar cane producers come to verbal blows
  57. EU Parliament's decison to change its biofuel approach worries Malaysians
  58. Earthrace is coming DOWNUNDER!!
  59. Poet to make cellulosic biofuel by year end
  60. US on track to deliver second biggest ever corn crop
  61. Rape seed plants can clean up toxic soil with a bacterial injection
  62. New Generation biofuels plans to list on Nasdaq
  63. National Algae Association
  64. Schafer says phases out ethanol incentives
  65. Interview with Geoff Broin CEO Poet
  66. Consumers want greater fuel efficiency
  67. Shell is involved in six new biofuel research ventures
  68. Wall St shockwaves travel through ethanol: Updated
  69. Wall st shockwaves travel through ethanol
  70. Ethanol videos from RFA
  71. US almost out of corns stocks by harvest 09
  72. Ogallala Aquifer still emptying
  73. Interesting Algae Links
  74. Syngenta unveils tropical sugar beet in India
  75. More on the High Planes/Ogallala aquifer
  76. A corny car
  77. Could Russia become a biofuel superpower?
  78. National Alternative Fuel Vehicle day on 30 September
  79. US Biofuel farmers could benefit twice from cap and trade
  80. Corn estimates down in the US
  81. Unilever is against mandatory biofuel targets
  82. Now Silkweed is a potential biofuel
  83. Webinar on US grain outlook
  84. Biomass could get tight from 2030
  85. FAO wants biofuel support examined and outlines world biofuel capacity
  86. US Governmetn offers small grants to biofuel firms
  87. ICIS bioresources summit
  88. Veg oils as diesel fuel database
  89. Restaurants set to raise prices as corn cost feed through to plates
  90. South Africa looks to biodiesel to plug future fuels gaps
  91. Listen to Barak Obama's take on biofuels
  92. Ethanol doubts in the heartland
  93. Biofuels from timber, perhaps you should be in Vienna now
  94. US Clean Cities program displaces 0.2% of US gasoline demand
  95. Capturing CO2 from cement works with algae
  96. DSM starts DOE funded biofuels project
  97. Ensus new website outlines paradox at heart of biofuel from food processes
  98. Distillers grains and cattle.
  99. UK algae biofuels challenge
  100. Meatpackers say aid to ethanol plants would be unfair and discriminatory
  101. Digesters and waste food, a proposal
  102. Corn price rise: speculative bubble
  103. Ethanol production might be more efficient than we thought
  104. Credit crunch may make it harder for farmers next year
  105. Bill Clinton's ideas for agriculture
  106. Fischer-Tropsch online resource
  107. Biobutanol fuel of choice in US transcontinental flight project
  108. Holiday time for Biofuelsimon
  109. Biofuels offer considerable scope for catalysts
  110. Syngenta in high yeild sugar cane development
  111. Rolls Royce trials Jatropha biofuel in Derby
  112. Jatropha plantations for Florida--Biofuels Digest
  113. African Jatropha plantations.
  114. Fungus joins biofuel armoury
  115. There's a plan!
  116. Cooking oil for the car - BBC News
  117. Researchers at Khon Kaen University Discovered a New Algae Species
  118. ICIS has broadened the scope of its biofuel price reports.
  119. UK buries biomass will miss target
  120. Boeing says biojet fuel could be here in three years.
  121. EPA may investigage corn ethanol's environmental credentials
  122. Philippines Sugar Regulatory Administration wants to use excess to make biofuel
  123. Growth Energy launches today
  124. Can the EU square ethics with trade, should it even try in biofuels?
  125. Air New Zeland to fly bifouel
  126. Business week spots butanol
  127. Pertamina launches biodisel in Indonesia
  128. Algae Biofuel firm aims to buck credit crunch trend
  129. Amyris opens a pilot plant for No Compromise™ renewable diesel
  130. A list of alage to biofuel firms
  131. Solix plans algae biofuel plant in Colorado
  132. Corn is the foundation of US fast food.
  133. Planned Maintenance 20 November 2008
  134. Tie auto bail out with flex fuel
  135. India's biofuel market: a report
  136. Biofuels: is the cure worse than the disease?
  137. Phonix fire department needs to educate home brewers
  138. Verasun tries to exit corn purchase contracts
  139. New Generation Biofuels offers stock, gains trials
  140. New Generation Biofuels offers stock, gains trials
  141. Taking the long view
  142. Ethanol wants to cosy up to Detroit
  143. Biofuels are sticking point for EU renewable policy
  144. USDA wants biorefinery grant requests for new technologies
  145. Philippines sugar industry gets new biofuel grading
  146. Dynamotive in stover to biofuel process in China
  147. Verasun goes to court today to cancel corn purchse contracts
  148. Journal of Conservation Biology slams palm oil plantations
  149. VeraSun outlines process for farmers to sell corn elsewhere
  150. Marine Biofuels
  151. BioCube - Seeds in, biodiesel out
  152. Palm oil prices plummet due to decreasing demand for biodiesel
  153. US EPA Rolls Out Environmental Manual for Biodiesel Producers
  154. Can Holden really bring second generation E85 to Australia?
  155. Tallow based biodiesel is bad policy
  156. European Bioethanol industry welcomes EU 20% by 2020 plan
  157. Bacteria can make branched longer chain alcohols
  158. Salt loving plants may help biofuels production
  159. China expects to make 5m tonne ethanol by 2010
  160. Life on Myanmar's biofuels plantation
  161. Kenworth and Westport to bring LNG trucks to Australia
  162. Tasmanian consortium to provide LNG for heavy transport
  163. Biofuels and the innovation ecosystem
  164. Too much corn could be bad for ladybugs (ladybirds)
  165. The EU climate and energy package welcomed by EuropaBio
  166. The state of ethanol
  167. Australian Biodiesel Group gains access to new technology
  168. Locally produced four-cylinder Holden due in 2010
  169. A time to look back and a time too look forward
  170. A Short Essay on Biofuels and Related Matters
  171. Group Claims Greener Production of Biodiesel Fuel
  172. U.S. Biofuels : Near-term challenges and prospects
  173. New Holland NH2 hydrogen fuel cell tractor
  174. Want to have your say?
  175. CSIRO investigates energy efficiencies for Australian grain growers
  176. Victorian Transport Plan released
  177. The good, the bad, the ugly 2008/2009
  178. South Australia boosts research into algal biodiesel
  179. Ethanol and intrigue
  180. Obama wants to double renewables production
  181. Air New Zealand in biofuel test flight
  182. Biofuel Box Corp wants to turn sludge into biofuel
  183. Greenshift wins algae grant
  184. Food vs fuel the debate rumbles on
  185. Two words for motorcycle manufacturers - fuel economy
  186. Eleven eastern US states plan biofuels boost
  187. US DOE updates E85 portal page
  188. Coconuts for biofuels
  189. Volvo truck engines to get Clean Air Power
  190. Coffee flavoured biodiesel
  191. The Global Justice Ecology Project doesn't like biofuels
  192. Changing land management could shrink carbon payback time
  193. Listen to the RFA's outlook for ethanol presentation
  194. Emami Biotech in commercial jatropha biofuel production
  195. Syngenta and Proteus in biofuel joint venture
  196. Nexant Chem Systems looks at algae for biofuels
  197. Could Moringa be the new Jatropha?
  198. Jatropha Sustainable Biofuels Alliance
  199. London to get ring of biofuel power stations
  200. I'm away for a week
  201. 1m Euro grant for catalyst route to biofuels
  202. Advanced Engine Components is doing good business in China
  203. Novel Technology Could Produce Biofuel for Around $0.65 a Liter
  204. Reading: Fuel for thought
  205. Natural Fuel to supply biodiesel to Europe from Singapore
  206. Victoria to get a new biodiesel storage and blending facility
  207. NSW Maritime warns on ethanol blends in marine engines
  208. Koreans patent seaweed to ethanol
  209. US ethanol overview
  210. More on Moringa
  211. More on Jatropha
  212. Wes Clark to lobby for ethanol?
  213. Wal-Mart is using biofuel and reclaimed cooking oil in truck fleet
  214. Biofuels Conference & Expo
  215. Biofuels feature for ICIS Chemcial Business
  216. Wes Clark appointment confirmed
  217. Orbital technology to be used in Brazilian flex-fuel engines
  218. Two-step chemical process turns raw biomass into biofuel
  219. Biofuels feature... but you'll have to wait
  220. The corn-ethanol carbon balance argument again
  221. Two Jatropha projects in India
  222. Holiday Time No1 2009
  223. Direct ethanol fuel cells
  224. Ethanol from copy paper
  225. Algae to biofuel: vertigrow's view
  226. ST1 has a plan for decentralised ethanol production
  227. BP ups Verenium investment
  228. Peru eyes US for ethanol exports... perhaps
  229. Will water be the limiting factor in biofuel production?
  230. Ethanol bio fuel use may be prohibited by Islam
  231. More on BP Vereneum
  232. AMFI enewsletter arrives
  233. Belgium and Netherlands may grow GM poplars for biofuels
  234. What can you do with a shuttered ethanol plant?
  235. Sugar cane ethanol and Brazil
  236. Algae biofuels at around $33/gal
  237. The Malaysian Minster of Plantation Industires on sustainability
  238. FAO's case studies on small-scale bioenergy initiatives
  239. Not farming is better for carbon emissions than corn-ethanol
  240. Michigan state in big cellulosic ethanol drive
  241. UK has enough land for non-food biofuels -- study
  242. More on Michigan State's big cellulosic ethanol drive
  243. Shell ups its stake in Codexis
  244. Two Michigan Universities gain grants to study sustainable biofuel from trees
  245. PetroSun pays catfish farmers in Mississippi to convert ponds to algae
  246. EU puts tarrif on US Biodiesel
  247. The right cellulosic biofuels might help protect the environment
  248. Verenium: BP responds
  249. Verenium and Aventine in difficulties: Reuters
  250. Shell puts all of its renewables eggs into the biofuels basket