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Jeffrey S. Brooks
10th November 2011, 10:51 PM
Alternative Diesel Fuels research instrumentation
Scientific instruments for blending alternative diesel fuels research


Here are the links for the laboratory equipment I purchased to help me classify my blends:

I found the VI-3320 Gardco #0 Mini Ford Dip Viscosity Cup cost $185.00, and worked great.

I still find the #1 and #2 viscups are very useful for testing the oils before blending. The Gardco cups come with replaceable orifices, so that one could purchase one cup and 3 orifices, which would save about $260.

Traceable laboratory thermocouple, which is quite cheap and available from novatech, the same people I got the hydrometers and

Plastic lab-ware I purchased: 1L, 500ML and 250ML graduated cylinders; however, if I were to do it over again, then I would just get the 500ML graduated cylinder.

I purchased these hyrdometers:
0.650 to 0.750 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
0.750 to 0.800 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
0.800 to 0.850 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
0.850 to 0.900 Specific Gravity Hydrometer, ASTM 85H