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20th April 2012, 01:01 AM
Forum members,

As stated several times over the last few months, moderators expect a certain standard of conduct on the forum. Most of the time, all participants comply and are respectful of each others views, learning from each others experiences.

Sometimes there is debate and disagreement. Moderators let this run.

Where we take action is when criticism gets personal. Checking on postings to ensure sensible conduct is maintained is painful, takes time and detracts from our own enjoyment of the forum. Having to make changes to posts to remove inappropriate comments is even more annoying and frustrating.

We will, and do, take short and long term punitive actions against recidivists and pests, much the same way we keep the forum clean of spammers to the point where regular users see nothing to distract them from an enjoyable experience on the forum. We also place permanent bans, and have done today, on serial pests, who despite having potential to make sensible contribution, fail to comply with the repeated explanations of the rules and expectations.

We appreciate the patience shown by forum members as we have dealt with the most recent problem here. The majority have refrained from returning inflammatory comment or have responded to our requests to contain themselves. Be well assured that moderators keep a keen lookout for inappropriate postings. You don't need to bite back as this tends to lower the tone of the forum completely. If you notice something untoward, just report the post by clicking on the black triangle with the exclamation mark in it at the bottom of each post. That triggers an alert to the moderators and we will consider your complaint.

The line in the sand is personalised or inflammatory comments. If someone disagrees with you, then argue your point, change your view or back down; unless personal insults have been used we are not going to stifle debate and discussion.

I rather hope this will be the last message about conduct on the blending forum for a very long time! Over and out from me.....


4th May 2012, 05:03 PM
Been a lot of very informative members lost here over the years but it happens everywhere.
Its a shame because you lose a lot of what you want to know.

4th May 2012, 11:42 PM
Hi Neil,

We have placed a permanent ban on one member since I started this thread.

The forum as a whole has since returned to the calm balanced discussion and open sharing of ideas and information that I want it to be. I believe that aim is shared by the majority of forum users who are interested in a good chat, get good reliable information, and have not the slightest interest in distracting annoyances.

I hope that's how you keep finding it over the coming months and years.