View Full Version : Importing electric bicycle conversion kits

16th May 2012, 01:41 AM
Hi, I'm Doug Synder from San Fransisco. I've been interested in electric bicycles for a long time and promoting their use around our country and the world, it's the best way I know of to reduce impacts from fossil fuel burning. I've now started importing electric bicycle items for resale in the USA and have chosen to focus largely on getting a suitable range of electric bicycle conversion kits, have made a few sales but it's very early days at the moment. I've linked up with the Solar Bike team in Australia to fast track getting a decent product and also because I like their renewable energy take on things but I'll also be looking at getting other kits specific to the market base over here. If anyone has any information they can share on what they'd like in an electric bicycle conversion kit or is interested in getting one themselves then please let me know so I can take everything into consideration. Products I'm able to offer now are here Solar Powered Electric Bikes (http://www.solarbikeamerica.com) and California-eBike.com | Electric Bicycles | Conversion Kits | Batteries | eBike Parts | Solar Systems | eBike Store (http://www.california-ebike.com) I would be very happy for any advice for this enterprise. Thanks in Advance, Doug.