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8th June 2012, 07:39 PM
Hi guys im running WVO and finding it a challenge to get past the WVO maffia ie suppliers owning the waste and collecting it.
any ideas please :-). ( i also have a friend who travels the coast who can collect stuff for me if necessary.

Tony From West Oz
9th June 2012, 12:29 AM
Go into competition with them. Buy oil in bulk and sell to restaurants on the condition that you get to keep the used oil. Supply your own used oil receptacles as well.
There must be a reasonable margin and you have a use for the oil which saves you up to $1.50 a litre.

Bon chance

9th June 2012, 03:00 PM

aren't you in Sydney ? there should be hundreds of choices. talk to your local fisho and see what they do with their oil.
some shopping centres have issues with people collecting who but if you have an abn and a high viz vest you might get away with collecting. do a better job than the competition and you shouldn't have too many problems getting the oil.


11th June 2012, 08:30 PM
I feel for you Benny2026,even where I am the oil collecting companies have a pretty good hold of the oil supply,all I can suggest is when a new shop or change of management has happened jump in with a professional looking bussiness card and the right price.
Pray they call you.

12th June 2012, 05:51 PM
Tony is right on the money with the supply of oil. The oil companies make their money out of sale of the fresh oil and dont pay for the removal of the old oil. The difference you can offer is that you can sell them fresh oil with little or no markup, and still collect for free. If you search around and have an ABN, you will be able to bulk buy your oil (pallet at a time) for far less than the shops are paying for the whole purchase / waste removal deal they currently get.

The shop keeper will tell you that the oil removal company said stuff like "oh you need to approved by the EPA to remove waste oil" or some other hogs wash as a scare tactic. from the best I could tell, you only need a licence to carry large qty's of waste oil. So most of us just ignore that rule. There was a lengthy thread some time ago I remember that discussed the ins and outs of waste oil removal. Not sure what the end result was, i think it came down to interpretation and your state of residence.

From where i pick up there are nasty comments plastered all over the drums that I cant repeat here, I get a giggle out of it everytime.

As suggested, I have spot lights on the back of my rig which illuminate the area and my trailer, and I also wear a highvis yellow coat. No body even asks what I am doing. Not that I am doing anything wrong at all, its just the less questions the better I say.

keep looking into it and you will have a win.

14th June 2012, 09:15 PM
Its a bit far but I know of two fish and chip places near me good for the take, I would strike up some sort of deal, to keep things very happy. Pity its a long drive to the north.

cotton top
23rd December 2012, 04:06 PM
I looked into this some time back and you need a licence to carry more that 200ltrs.
not too many chippies change out that much in a week. I collect about 100ltrs a fortnight, and never have a problem
I manufactured a tank exactly the same as the one that Cookers use, goes inside the shop, on wheels. I just roll it outside, pump it into a 44 and take the tank back inside, no mess, no fuss and all over in 10mins


23rd December 2012, 05:32 PM
great news,
whatr pump do you use and where where you collecting?

cotton top
29th December 2012, 02:04 PM
Hi Benny,
The pump I use is not spectacular, just a 12 volt gear pump, readily available on ebay. I bought mine for about $60 but they seem to have gone up a bit since then......only 12mm lines.
As to where do I pick up: - On the south side of Bris. around Loganholm area.