View Full Version : 1998 3.0lt Diesel Hilux

6th September 2012, 06:14 PM
Hi all, forgive such a boring request. I used the search function but there were just so many postings about Hilux's I just dont have the time to go through them all looking for my answer.

Ive just bought the above mentioned vehicle for my wife. I run WVO on my old 1990 Landcruiser ute so I have a supply about. Was wondering if anyone has used blended fuel in the 98 Hilux and if so, what sort of results are to be expected.

My wife has stipulated Im not to put anything but diesel in it until I have numerous confirmations that blending in it will not damage it and it will run ok!

Anyway, any comments about it ( the blending that is) would be appreciated.


6th September 2012, 08:07 PM
That's effectively the same running gear and IP that my Hiaces have. Both non-turbo. I've had no engine or IP failure in 9+ years. Mostly on blends. I do about 20,000km a year. As you've got experience with WVO you'll know much of the how to. Good luck.