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12th December 2012, 12:50 PM
Well, it has happened.

I have a noisy 5th gear. It has been crreping up on me since the engine rebuild at xmas last year. I put it down to a different engine note, but I realised on the weekend that it is infact fifth gear.

I cant seem to find my cruiser service manual for some reason at the moment, so please excuse my dumb question.

can you replace the 5th gear and shaft without taking out the gearbox? i.e. can it be done on the car? the box is way too big and heavy for me to deal with, so if I have to take it out, ill need a hoist and equipment, so I will probably pay a mechanic to recondition the box, if not, I'll try to deal with it myself.

If I need to take it out, can anybody recommend a good box man in Brissy?

1-4 gears are quiet as, very comfortable. 5th gear sounds like a truck, with any amount of throttle. coasting is quiet, but even just maintaining speed on a flat it sounds full on and mean. oils were changed after the overhaul, and I am running Penrite gear oil at the moment, grade as recommended by Toyota.

Any advice from the crew is appreciated. Car has almost 270,000 km now. it could of course be the biodiesel though. I swear it stopped my brake light from working a few weeks back....

12th December 2012, 01:10 PM

did you break a mirror ??
give me a call if you need a hand. I'd like to learn some more about diesel engines. :confused:


17th December 2012, 04:23 PM
Thanks for the offer Michael. Muchly appreciated. I will just use the car around town for now. I understand that the 5th gear is on its own shaft, which support the fact that the other gears are quiet. So it wont go above 4th until I have the dosh to fix it. Other priorities at the moment!