View Full Version : Fuel line revision 10mm, plumbing and hardware mounting

27th January 2013, 04:56 PM
I remounted my filter and strainer housings underneath the van. Also I went for 10mm lines throughout.
I installed a non-return valve which I recycled from an oldschool block mounted fuel pump. The IP banjo got upgraded to a 10mm hosetail as well.
Overall the performance has improved due to better delivery from my single tank blended fuel. In addition I replaced the IP's pressure relief valve which was showing sign of wear. The underslung mounting also helps in that the IP vane lift pump doesn't have to work as hard with lifting the fuel. It's possibly 600mm++ lower than it previously was inside the van.

Filterbag inside stainless housing. 100mm dia. This is large and capable of huge flow and would hold a lot of debris before plugging!

Strainer, primarily aimed at trapping any lint from filter bag. Also tested as capable of flow well in excess of requirement.

IP banjo, refitted with a 10mm hosetail for optimum blend delivery.

A non-return check valve installed to prevent fuel from migrating away from the IP after shutdown and help restarts.

Non return check valve housing with 10mm hosetail.

I hope these pics and info are of interest and are helpful. Thanks