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15th March 2013, 10:22 AM
just got a little gemini for my wife to buzz around in. As i am sure she will forget to change tanks/purge ect. I decided it was best to blend fuel for Ted. [its a barsTed to work on] currently blending 80/20, runs fine but starts very rough and usually takes two or three attempts at double glow cycle coughs, clouds of black smoke before Ted is running. I havnt experimented with diff blend ratios yet ,but i was having a think.
What if I set up an lpg jet with a solenoid operated by the starter solenoid,then by adding say a five second timer to the gas soleoid, as the starter was hit gas would be added for 5 seconds. So lets say we get a fire in the first second and the starter is released gas flows for a further 4 seconds until the engine runs clean.
Any thoughts please that may save me alot of time and effort.

HMmm more thinking,,if you hit the starter and it didnt fire you would still have 4 seconds of gas going into the manifold
maybe a push button would be better and simpler,, might be handy to press while overtaking too

15th March 2013, 07:37 PM
Just a thought, maybe its easier just to explain to your wife how to switch between tanks, maybe with a little buzzer on the oil line so when she turns off the car, it makes a noise. Thats part of my ATG kit, very handy. Any playing around with gas, solenoids and things... don't know. rather hard to explain to the cops that your wive just blew the car up because you modified it to run on WVO?

Thats my thought ;)

Good luck

15th March 2013, 10:33 PM
I had a diesel Gemini, they are a great little car to run on biodiesel.
My wife and all my "children" could use any diesel car I have had and just run it normally using biodiesel without any bells or whistles warning of pending explosions or other related disasters.

17th March 2013, 12:59 PM
The LPG is an interesting idea though I've never used it in a diesel for starting or as a power booster. I had pondered over the possibility of using WD40 through a nylon tube run to the drivers' dash. I thought of the idea because of my vans' heavy appetite for glow plugs so I wondered if it would work out well as a replacement for the GP's.

Your push button idea is like the old CNG days. A quick prime and crank the starter. They worked surprisingly well and CNG was cheap.