View Full Version : Custom fuel tank makers Bris or Gold Coast?

20th July 2013, 08:08 PM
Hi guys,

just wondering whether you might know someone who makes custom fuel tanks, I have had a poly tank made, but it is somewhat out square, its a 120l tank that is hanging between the rail under the tray. I filled it completely last week and the bottom was rather sagging more than I was hoping, also the baffels are cut wrong so the air can not escape completely, hence it can not be filled completely without pressurising it. So back to the drawing board and hopefully you guys could help me find someone who makes them with a bit more pride than the guy I got my poly tank of. It's going to be my WVO tank.

Cheers Guys


Tony From West Oz
20th July 2013, 09:56 PM
A couple of things you could do to allow you to use your existing tank:
1. Get some 12mm marine plywood and place between tank and hanger straps (if no straps, add some) and
2. Get some BSP fittings added between the baffles, drill thru to tank and use air line and fittings to return the air to the filler neck of the tank (or to the filler neck of the start tank)

Hope this helps,