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6th October 2013, 11:33 AM
5 or more years ago I bought a 15 litre drum of 98% H2SO4. At the time I was going to start doing acid base procedures.
Then I started getting titration 1 WVO and did not need the acid.
So it sat for several years until I decided to get rid of it. I started using small quantities into the pool in place of the more usual HCL

Over the years I have had a recurring problems with my sewerage line plugging up. Every few years it slowly blocks until it eventually stops running away and I have to call a plumber. He runs a "Roto Rooter" down the sewer jump up and clears the drain and things are good for another couple years. The last time I had the plumber come it cost about $120.

At this same time I was putting the H2SO4 in the pool I again started having a problem with the sewer. One morning (It is always either Saturday evening or Sunday morning when this happens) The drain stopped all together. Water was standing in the top of the jump-up pipe and not moving at all.
I recalled seeing a litre of 98% H2SO4 for sale at the hardware for around $45 to be used as a Drain cleaner. So I thought, what the heck I have quite a few litres of H2SO4 left, I might as well give that a try.

So I got a hose and pushed it as far into the jump up as possible and removed as much water from the drain jump up as I could. Then I poured a litre of H2SO4 in. There was an immediate reaction with a big "Burp" back out the end of the jump-up.
That was over a year ago. The sewer has worked fine ever since.

I am now saving the remaining H2SO4 for the next time I need it.

Tony From West Oz
6th October 2013, 10:53 PM
Could it be that you had a "soap" problem in the drain. Your acid probably converted the offending soaps back to oil and it flowed away, clearing your blockage.

Next time, put some methanol in there as well and esterify it into biodiesel. LOL

Thanks for the idea.