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John H
4th November 2006, 04:14 PM
Hi all,
Raining here in Brisbane so I have been having alook at E-bay, there are a couple of Mercedes 300D for sale, probably too far for me to have alook so here are the E-bay Numbers.

1977 Mercedes 300D 330044912587 Albury currently $ 511.00
1979 Mercedes 300D 280044497385 Dubbo currently $1725.00

There may be of some interest due to the "Helga" story.

John H

Captain Echidna
4th November 2006, 09:57 PM
I would have thought there may be some interest despite the helga story?:D
seriously though, great cars, I own one, dont let the helga story put you off! they are relaxing cars to drive, but require leaving home a bit earlier. And if you drive one, remember if the person driving behind you wanted to get to the destination before of you, he should have left before you did.

5th November 2006, 12:12 AM
What is wrong with the Hega story? :(
So far all the problems seem to amount to a tank of dirty fuel and/or, a dirty tank.
Any car of any age can be stopped by dirty fuel!

I have a notification thing set up for diesel vehicles with ebay and have seen the ad for the brown 300D and all I can say is I'm thankful I have Helga and not that one. With the faults it has, I think it has been given a pretty hard life in recent times anyway. You don't break the steering on cars and rip the exhaust pipes off with careful driving.
The yellow one looks nice though, same colour as Helga but with a bit better interiour I think.

In my very limited miles in Helga, I have to agree with Chris.
For all her faults, Helga is a nice car to drive and as slow as she is, it is notnearly as bad as I thought it would be. I can see some changes to my driving style are going to be required though but they will all be for the better.

When you compare Holdens, fords and Jap cars of the same age, the features the mercs have leave them for dead and are not very far behind modern cars 25 years younger. Every one I have told about Helga and her features are very surprised at how well appointed these cars are and all comment how far ahead of their time they must have been.

The other thing I have mentioned somewhat in jest, but is completely true is how good they look. Rather than just look old, they really do have a classic and disguingushed look about them. I think once Helga is cleaned up and given a good cut and polish, she will be a real head turner. You would virtually have to own a concours condition HZ Holden or XD falcon to get any attention that wasn't along the lines of " Look at that ol Shitbox" these days.

I often have to go into town to the big hotel to meet a lot of my international and interstate clients. The Valets often look down their noses at me when I roll up in a humble commodore ( which make me laugh when I know I am making more money in that single job than they are likely making in a month) but I'm thinking the reaction may be different when I turn up in a much older " classic" Merc.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how many attendants can get the thing started with the seperate glow plug button. :D
I wonder if it would be rude of me to ask if they know how to drive it??

Even though as I write this, Helga is parked in a side street 100KM away because I haven't been able to get her home yet, I'm still on the lookout for another one to replace the other Holden that is sitting in the drive way.
If I could get a nice 300TD wagon at a fair price, I would have no hesitation to put a Gretchen in the driveway to keep Helga Company.

Captain Echidna
5th November 2006, 08:44 AM
I love the helga story. My wilf loves the helga story. I want the next installment, and am waiting for it! I would have to admit in my youth it it took me over a week to get someone named helga back to my place, chances are I would have tried on someone else.;) I admire your perserverance, and best of luck getting her home to have you cut-n-polishing ways with her.

With the diffculties you have had though, I dont know if the Helga story will lead to a rush on mercs, or buying cars more than 10Ks from home.

I agree you have only one problem with her, fuel. Unfortunatley I have discovered with things, what is a 5 minute job at home, is an hour by the roadside.
Mercs are far superior cars to anything made by holden at the time. (I added at the time to avoid people pointing out that within 25 years holden also got IRS, four wheel disk brakes, seperate heater for driver/ passanger, and even have the neat gutters on the A pillars and rear window to stop water going on the glass. All within a few decades) I guess though holdens were about one tenth the price though.

My nicest moment with the merc was waiting to get a pizza. I was reading the yuppie magazines, with ads on showing off (or spending) your wealth. I had just resigned from my job, and questioning the decision while looking at ads for nice glossy brand new mercs, BMs etc and generally being a yuppie. Then I got the pizza, left, and waiting outside, was "mercie" her paint geaming under the streetlights, and made when mercs were mercs. I realised as it cost me bugger all to run, and did holidays without worrying about the cost, then hey, I was ritch. (I just have to put the same creativity with the electricty bill as the fuel bill)
And if you earn more money than other people, (the valets) and spend less money (especially on things that devalue, like cars) then you are doubly ritch, although this theory is lost on a lot of people. (some even belive if you spend more than you earn, you are rich!)
They are great looking cars, I belive because although many things have changed about their shape, there are a lot of similarities with their shape. They have never been made "up to the minute" fashionable, but they also dont date within 12 minutes of being sold (this seems to happen worst with japanese sportscars, and luxury commodores/ falcons)

5th November 2006, 12:59 PM
I agree with everything you say here Chris.

While this experience hasn't put me off Mercs at all, I would now be Highly wary of buying old, cheap cars any distance from home unless:
A) I had the seller bring the thing to me OR,
B) I took a car trailer with me in the first place just to be sure :)

As for the time taken to work on the thing, I'm sure I have forgotten as much as I now remember. It's been a long time since I owned a car that really needed any decent mechanical work more than general servicing or changing Brake pads or Dodgy waterpumps.

I'm Hoping Helga won't take too much work other than prettying up and replacement of a few worn out but easily changed components.

We'll see what Happens :)

Captain Echidna
5th November 2006, 04:51 PM
Perhaps I am getting older, but in my youth I had a numbert of cars, that required a lot of work. They were all mass produed for the masses type cars, and apart from one (The toyota corona, metalic green, 84 with a twin cam turbo engine I transplanted into it) they wernt much fun.
The merc is another story. I get a sense of having done something worthwhile every time I work on it, wether changing the waterpump, or polishing it. Probably because I enjoy driving it, it is not just to get me from A to B. Even if I am going from A to B, it is an enjoyable drive.

John H
5th November 2006, 06:57 PM
Hi David,

My wife has been quite interested in the Helga story also, some 15 years ago she had a limousine (can't spell) Hire Car service, weddings, airport transfers anything, her pride and joy was a White Mercedes 300D. It was a sad day when Dept of Transport said it was too old and she had to get a later model car. Her words 'The LTD was not any where near the car to drive that the Merc was'.

So the more you wright and the more fun you are having the more she reads the better my chances are of convincing her that we should buy one.


John H

15th November 2006, 10:51 PM
It's on the trading post web site $7200
Trading Post - Buying and Selling Goods Online Australia wide (http://www.autotrader.com.au/iteminfo/adnumber_WY2032836326_kw_mercedes_loc_locRZSQregtA VSCdistRZSQAVSCstateRZSQ2AVSCregRZSQ_off_1_sect_Au tomotive_sort_otRZSQ1BJDZfdRZSQSearchDisplayPriori tyIndAVSCotRZSQ1BJDZfdRZSQFirstPublished_sqt_0_stp g_1_subs_Classic+%26+Unique+Cars)_


16th November 2006, 12:38 AM
Looks a nice car and exactly what I would ideally want.. almost.... Turbo wagon would be perfect. I'll make that the next car I get :)

I think the asking price for this one is definately at the top end though.
These things seem to be getting more popular every week so maybe they will get it. Maybe they won't and if they want to offload it in any hurry, the price will come down like a few other over priced examples I have seen in recent times.

16th November 2006, 06:19 PM
Yes looks like a nice car . I have one exactly the same but in gold. It has a rebuilt turbo engine in it, it's in near perfect condition and is a joy to drive.
Last week i washed it and waxed it and it came up sparkling. The thing is now i dont want to take it out and get it dirty. Im just in the process of bidding for a car cover on E Bay so i can take it to work. I work at a coal mine where everything gets covered in coal by the end of the day and i've seen what coal and water does to steel .

There's someone selling a 79 300d saloon around the corner from me at the moment for $500 . The body looks pretty rough but it's got a beautiful set of sheepskin seat covers in it aswell as a dash mat mmmmmmm ! i might be tempted !!

BTW i bought mine for a little less than the one on offer.

From now on these cars are only going to increse in value ,
the wagons especialy, theyre not exactly thick on the ground! And if you'r happy with what you buy and happy with what you buy it for then who's to say you'r paying too much ? Happy Mercing .