View Full Version : Commercial Biodiesel supply in NT?

Vivid Adventures
7th January 2006, 09:30 AM
Are there any commercial suppliers of Biodiesel in the NT?

Has the ARFuels folks refinery been finished yet?

Are they distributing to Australia?

(Sorry for all the questions - I've been looking whenever I am there without success so far)

Ciao for now

7th January 2006, 03:21 PM
I've not got any firm details on the ARF (Australian Renewable Fuels) nor the plant in NT, but I scribbled down some notes from when I attended the BAA forum a few months ago. I might post up all the plants they listed in a new thread a bit later on (when time allows), but to quickly answer your NT question:

ARF (also known as Axiom?) was slated to do 70ML/year by July 2007, but the plans have been shelved for the moment due to the Australian Federal Government's excise.

Natural Fuels Australia is looking at the Darwin plant being completed by Sept 2006 and will produce about 150ML/year.

*Note - don't quote me on these numbers, they were hastily scribbled on a notepad during a presentation. If anyone has better info, please post it.