View Full Version : Mercedes 300TD Sydney for sale

15th November 2006, 10:58 PM
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darren leonadas
27th November 2006, 11:08 AM
This is a value for money buy!!!!
My Biodiesel car is a 1980 300TD, Exactly the same as this one. I paid $ 9 grand for mine and when i insured it, AAMI told me its market value was $9,800. (with half a million K's)
The seven seats are really cool when you've got a crowd to carry around, I dont have kids , but love to party on with all my mates when the party moves on.
Otherwise its a roomy station wagon you can really fully lie down in. or put twelve 20litre tins of WVO in , 240 litres. And when towing you forget you've got a load on.
If your a rev head who loves the VVrrroom of an engine , Dont buy this car , its response is more like a tractor, but it will last as long as an old kerosine massy ferguson.
I know all this sounds like a big sales pitch , but i just wanna see people burning B100 with out any hassles, and the 5 cylinder donk in these cars will make it to the moon and back literally.
If you wanna burn dodgy backyard unwashed BD and have no hassles , this is the one,. The Merc. factory inline filtre on these cars is cheaper than a dodgy after market, ($3:50) and so easy to find and change a Blonde could do it.
The Germans know how to make a good thing.
Honestly, DAZ.:D :D :D