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5th December 2006, 01:51 AM
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Neste is to build a second 170,000 tonne/year biodiesel facility in Porvoo (http://www.nesteoil.com/default.asp?path=1;41;540;1259;1261;5043;7077), Finland using its NExBTL hydrogenation technology (http://www.climatechange.ca.gov/events/2006-06-27+28_symposium/presentations/CalHodge_handout_NESTE_OIL.PDF). This can use either plant-derived or animal-based fats and convert them to pure alkane diesel.
President and CEO Risto Rinne says.

“Building a second plant at Porvoo will bring us one step further towards reaching our goal, but it will not be the only move that we’ll be making. We intend building a number of such plants in various markets, both alone and together with partners. When we talk about aiming to be the leader in the field, we’re not just talking about production volumes, but also about being the technology leader as well. We aim to secure this position by investing heavily in R&D on biofuels to develop technologiesthat will enable us to further extend the range of raw materials that we can use. Ensuring the sustainability of the raw materials is also a top priority for us.” This is in addition to the earlier 170 000 tonnes/ year plant there, which is due to come on stream in 2007. Neste has other similar projects in other markets.
Neste claims a number of benefits for the fuel (http://www.energy.ca.gov/bioenergy_action_plan/documents/2006-03-09_workshop/2006-03-09_NESTE_OIL.PDF)

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