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13th February 2006, 11:18 PM
I'm not really sure yet - time will tell, but I think it will be needed. It is here on request, so I'm hoping that it will be populated with some useful information.

I know that Morris has been championing this cause recently in light of the severe lack of representation that the industry seems to have at present in Australia. There are currently no independent organisations who are actually doing to work to help the Australian Biodiesel Industry do business and also help those biodiesel users among us get a better deal by ensuring that manufacturers are aware and will support us.

Iíll not go on to much about this yet, Iíll leave that to those more qualified. But I do intend to post up some of my recent (so far one way :rolleyes: ) correspondence with some manufacturers so you can all see what they are (or are not) saying. I know that Morris has also got some responses from folk such as Iveco, VW, BMW and Hino recently, perhaps he will post these up for your info.

Maybe we can also use this area to discuss setting up a national Australian biodiesel organisation that will actually do something in the interests of both the industry and the end users/home producers.

15th February 2006, 11:44 AM
Hi Robert,
I think it was a great idea from Morris and yourself to put this up here. Currently we, as consumers, don't have an effective body lobbying the government and vehicle manufacturers and others on our behalf and so we as consumers are being negatively impacted.

It is a funny thing - in most cases I don't know if an industry body would be that beneficial for consumers however until the legal and financial obstacles are moved out of the way for us and the industry and any questions answered it won't be able to fully flourish and that is surely limiting the spread of this more sustainable fuel in Australia.

Also once there is an effective body we will be hopefully able to influence it to take a stand on the use of unsustainable feed stocks such as palm oil from places where they are inflicting deforestation on the environment in order to generate a quick buck for themselves at the expense of the environment and the natural heritage of the people of those countries.

This is certainly an area of the forum that I will be keeping an eye on!

Well done!


27th February 2006, 07:41 PM
Hello All.

I saw a vehicle recently with "DIESELGAS.COM.AU" written down the side;

When I visited the website


I was extremely pleased that, DUAL FUEL "DIESEL" technology, finally exists

I was Quoted $3800 (+ $380 G.S.T.) for 2 x 37.5 Litre Tanks (One under each side sill) for my 270 Litre Diesel Capacity.

I thought I would like to share this discovery, with the forum as a further conservation option.


28th February 2006, 02:26 AM
I do like to see that alternative fuel sources for Diesel vehicles are available, but I think LPG is probably not classified as a renewable energy source. LPG systems often sell themselves by saying the initial installation costs will be recouped over the long term by reduced operating costs. However, if the Govt actually brings in it's much touted excise increase for LPG, I think the economic excuses for LPG will largely disappear.
As far as conservation options go, Diesahol (http://www.privateforestry.org.au/eth_tim.htm) was trialled in Sydney's State Transit Buses in the lead up to the 2000 Olympics and was found to reduce emissions, black smoke and coking of engines, but power output and fuel economy were adversely affected, so the trial was dropped. Diesahol (Diesel with 15% Ethanol) has been shown difficult to produce in bulk quantities as the Ethanol needs to be treated to blend properly with Diesel. Biodiesel has similar emissions benefits, but without the power loss or manufacturing and handling issues of Diesahol.

However, I think this new subforum will be great to keep an eye on developments in the Industry and how governments relate to BD. There has been some promising moves (http://fueltaxinquiry.treasury.gov.au/content/Submissions/Government/NSWGovt_270.asp)in the past by the NSW Govt to encourage renewable fuel usage, but what's happening today? Hopefully, this subforum will be a good place to share current developments