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26th January 2007, 05:17 AM
If anybody has experience towing a camper etc w/an early 80's 300d please advise me. I am seriously considering an '84 for veggie conversion, but dealers tell me they are not rated for that. 300td wagon advice welcomed too, as i have not yet made purchase.
thank you!

Captain Echidna
26th January 2007, 03:00 PM
I have a 78 300d.
They are not very powerful, if you have not yet got a camper, get the smallest, most streamlined, lightweight one you can. If you can get a turbo one (pa is in America?) all the better. Their towing rating is low, (I think 1200kg), the next model on however has about 1800kg, although I have found when towing a 6' x4' trailer I dont need to worry about speed limits too much (a brick on the accelorator make a great cruise control:D ).
Putting veg oil in the tank will work. For a while. However to look after the engine, a 2 tank system, or Elsbett conversion (one tank, but expensive) will help the engine last, and make starting easier there are a few on this site.
Of course putting a second tank in a wagon can be difficult.

Tony From West Oz
27th January 2007, 12:33 AM
A friend of mine installed a veggie tank in the spare wheel well of the wagon and used the spare wheel cover over it. his tank was made from the top and bottom of a 200 litre drum, welded together, with a heating coil and fuel gauge installed.
His spare tyre rode on the roof rack.

27th January 2007, 10:46 AM
Hey--thanks, folks. :)
Yes, I am in USA. I'm looking to get an '82-'85 300d, which does have a turbo and more horse power. Your towing capacities are useful--I can't seem to find any on the web, and the mercedes dealers here just say you can't tow w/them, but i know you can and people do it.
We have a two-tank kit here that I plan to have professional installed--greasecar. It is just like your friends'--fits in the spare tire place. He is more clever than I to do it himself!
Any other advice--especially about towing w/mercedes--is welcomed. We have cold winters in PA (Pennsylvania) so I think I need the two tanks.
BJ (eupatorium)

Tony From West Oz
28th January 2007, 12:55 AM
I have a tow hitch on each of our 3, 300Ds. I regularly tow a garden trailer (4' * 6', 1/2 ton capacity, rarely loaded to that capacity). I have towed a car trailer, loaded with another W123 vehicle, but I do not recommend using a W123 for this duty. A 450SEL would be a better choice, given the power available from these engines.

30th January 2007, 06:41 PM
Hello BJ

Australia has VERY strict rules about towing weights.

If you visit Hayman Reece on the products search page
Hayman Reese Towbars, Hitch Receivers, Protection Bars, Cargo Barriers, Acessories & Bike Racks (http://www.haymanreese.com.au/index.htm)

And fill in the blanks about towbars/towhitches, it will tell you what they sell and what the weight limits are. I Have found that their weight limits are the official Australian Weight limits as Specified by the Australian Distributer of each car.

As an example.
In Australia an 83 Mercedes 300D is legal to tow a trailer weighing 1250kg with a Maximum ball weight of 90kg

Of course this changes from country to country.
In Australia my car is legal to tow a trailer weighing 2500kg with a ball weight of 225kg max.
In New Zealand the exact same car is rated at 2800kg trailer with a ball weight of 140kg max

31st January 2007, 10:50 AM
Thank you, tillyfromparadise! Your info is very useful. Glad you like where you live--that's the way to be.