View Full Version : Where Can I Get Methanol In Melbourne Area?

Bio Popo
15th March 2006, 05:21 PM
Hi Fellow Biodiesel people!
I am trying to make my first test-batch of biodiesel, and if all goes well, will be making much more in the near future! However, I am having trouble finding some pure methanol, anyone know where I could get some? I've tried camping stores, hardware stores, and grocery stores already. Thanks for you help guys!

15th March 2006, 05:41 PM
Hi Bio Popo and welcome to the forum. I can't tell you where to get the Methanol in Melbourne from, but I can tell you that this post may go better in the Melbourne forum. Don't worry, I'll leave it in here for a day or two to see if anyone else can get better answers than me.
There is a Melbourne Biodiesel Club, who can help you out, but still I'd like to see the name/address/phone number of someone in Melbourne that can sell Methanol as well as some quantities/prices. Either way, it would be nice if someone who knows can post that up, as we are missing this info in here at the moment.
Have a look in the Melbourne section of the forum and you might find some more local help in there.


darren leonadas
20th March 2006, 12:51 PM
I think we need to educate people in one basic thing. Minimum order.
The minimum order for methanol is 200 litres or one 44g drum.
Then you need to pick it (the 44) up or have it delivered for a price that burns fossil fuel.
The MBDC (http://www.melbournebiodiesel.org) can help those who want less than 200 litres, if and when a chorum is created where a gross volume of upto 200 litrs is needed.
Contact the club and execute hooking up a chorum.
The Mehanol is bought through an engineering firm that also races cars. just get out the phone book and do some old fashioed searching for rev heads with methanol and remember the magic word minimum order.
If the price is greater than $180.00 per 44g drum undelivered, (CSR Altona supply) your rev head buddies are making cash.

20th June 2014, 09:35 PM
Go Racing Fuels sell genuine Australian Coogee Methanol. The purest methanol on the market 99.9% pure and the only methanol many if the top engine builders will use.
We are selling here methanol in 205 litre drums, sealed from the manufacturing plant to guarantee freshness.
Each drum is $250, pick up from Kilsyth Vic during business hours.
Feel free to call if you have any questions 1300 728 251.

20th June 2014, 09:38 PM
We also sell it by the litre minimum sale 20 litres @ $1.50 per litre, bring your own drum.