View Full Version : Things you can do with those green cakes of soap

19th March 2006, 11:09 AM
I think you are onto something with those green cakes of soap Daz. I just got out of the shower and decided to have a shave, and what was sitting on my bathroom sink? Well, it just so happened that the little green cake of www.melbournebiodiesel.org (http://www.melbournebiodiesel.org) soap stuff was sitting there!

With my face still wet, I rubbed the cake back and forth over my face until the ol' whiskettes were covered in a wax like consistency (the soap was sort of not really wet itself). Then, with a warm wet hand, lather the face up. I've tried a few shaving creams etc during my time, and I'm a pretty fanatical shaver (like some people are cigar smokers, red wine drinkers or model train enthusiasts) using a cut-throat razor, and this green thing absolutely, without a doubt, takes the cake.

Have a crack everyone who got one! Value plus!

Care to share the recipe?

Thanks Daz.