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23rd February 2007, 06:56 PM
I am selling 1 Hectare jatropha plantations in a big Jatropha project for $2400 USD
The Plantation is a South African joint venture with Ethiopian Government insured by the World Bank and is 50 000 hectares in size
The share includes the plants approx. 2500 trees and the harvesting of the seeds and pressing
The oil will be sold @ 300USD per MT and shared with the share holders
Share holders also has first right of refusal to the oil .
Projected return after 2 years is 600 USD per year for 40 years
You are welcome to phone me @ +27828048073
or email me investein@mweb.co.za for all the detail etc


Lawrence McDonald

12th March 2007, 10:16 AM
I am very interested in more information about this project.
I assume the price oil Jatropha oil is proportional to the price of crude oil.
Also, how do you get to full production in 2 years versus 4-5 years for normal maturing Jatropha?

Do you have an excel spreadsheet that talks about what the costs and pofit are.

For example , there is land cost, farming costs, pressing costs, transport costs, and inflation to consider.

What are the risks associated with this?

What is the financial instrument that is issued for investment?

20th December 2007, 06:41 PM
Dear Mr. Lawrence,

It is not clear that your plantation is in Ethiopia or South Africa? If it is a JV with S.African Govt and W.B., and you would like to dispose an area of 40,000 Ha, please give the details. I would be very much interested.

Moreover, I would like to lease more land area in the African Continent for Jatropha Plantation. Please visit my web site: Welcome to Green Fuel Tech bio-fuel, bio-diesel, jatropha plantation, jatropha, jatropa curcus, contract farming, bio-diesel plant & machinery, green-fuel, renewable energy, alternate energy, solar systems, oil expelling, bio fuel crops, (http://www.greenfueltech.net) and understand about my activities and let me know your interest.

Best Regards/Mohandas Krishnan