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Grimwood Heating
15th March 2007, 01:51 PM
Using recycled domestic water heaters for biodiesel production is quite common, and presents a few "opportunities for improvement".

The element found in these is often a high watts density copper sheathed one. This offers two disadvantages; the high watts density means you get localised overheating of the oil (noticed the cracking and popping noise?), and the copper is attacked by the reaction chemicals.

Grimwood Heating has the answer for you!

We have a range of low watts density high nickel alloy elements that overcome these problems.

As special offer to members of this forum;

Item SW24FS5, 2.4kW alloy 825 low watts density bolt on water heater element for $40 each + GST + freight ex works Villawood, NSW (while stocks last).

Private message me to arrange payment and delivery (or pick-up).

Happy processing