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1st July 2007, 11:25 AM
Hi Folks,

Vegiecars.com (http://www.vegiecars.com/) is an Australian business based in the Dandenong Ranges of Melbourne, marketing a complete range of conversion systems ideally suited to Australian Conditions.

Our component kits come complete with wiring looms and switches, everything that you'll need for a DIY installation, with full support by email if necessary.

Our product range (http://www.vegiecars.com/products/)includes:
How to Literature (http://www.vegiecars.com/Booklet/), Fuel Prefilters (http://www.vegiecars.com/filtration/), Fuel Tanks (http://www.vegiecars.com/Fuel_Tanks/), Fuel Processors (http://www.vegiecars.com/Davco_234/), Agglomerators (http://www.vegiecars.com/Agglomerator/), Filter Heaters (http://www.vegiecars.com/Filter_Heater/), Flat Plate Heat Exchangers (http://www.vegiecars.com/HeatExchanger/), Fuel Selector Valves (http://www.vegiecars.com/Fuel_Valve/), 12v Fuel Line Heating Systems (http://www.vegiecars.com/VegieFuelHeater/), Injector Line Heating Systems (http://www.vegiecars.com/Injector_Heater/), Systems for Cold Starting (http://www.vegiecars.com/Injector_Heater/) and Automatic Purging. We also cater for 24v systems, with a complete 24v range of products.

We are very active in the Australian media (http://www.vegiecars.com/LatestNews/), having appeared in the RACV RoyalAuto magazine (http://www.vegiecars.com/LatestNews/), the ATA's Renew Magazine (http://www.vegiecars.com/ATA/)and ABC Carbon Cops (http://www.vegiecars.com/Carboncops/)program just to mention a few.

So come and check us out. If we don't have what your after, we'll get it for you.

A commission from sales that have been referred from this Forum will be donated to it.


1st July 2007, 12:07 PM
I have looked at your site before.
While it is very interesting, your parts prices are very high compared to what they can be had for elsewhere.

1st July 2007, 04:15 PM
Hi David,

I'm sure that if you hunt around for anything you can find it cheaper, often at wholesalers etc. I know because sometimes it takes days of hunting to get a good price, and usually I end up overseas where the customer service is lousy, which is why I started Vegiecars in the first place.

Vegiecars (http://www.vegiecars.com) offers everything at one place with superior customer service and support. I'm sure that you won't find a full range of comparatively low priced, robust conversion components elsewhere in Australia.