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9th December 2007, 07:51 AM
Jatropha fruit production mostly depends upon the water supply available to the plant. Since Malaysia is a tropical country, we have greater results of plantation in Malaysia. Currently we are concentrating on Jatropha Plantation, and a general guidance program to farmers, to utilize idle lands and plant jatropha, is in progress. Plantation is almost at an area of 40,000 hectares, and further growing.
Keeping in view, jatropha has shown tremendous results in tropical countries, producing its very first crop as early as 7 months, and as much as 14% more fruit, Jatropha stand at a very lucrative position.
On the other hand Local Govt of Sabah, East Malaysia, has taken a step further to start its pilot project of jatropha plantation (Star Newspaper Monday 5th Nov 2007), considering the fact that vast idle lands are available for plantation in East Malaysia.

The earlier plantation is getting ready for its first fruit in West Malaysia. Meanwhile more and more idle land are used for jatropha plantation.

Very soon two investment projects are to be launched. First for the further plantation of jatropha, second for the setting up oil presses near plantation location.

Further updates shall be available soon.

(Jatropha at tropical countries)

20th December 2007, 06:29 PM
It was really my pleasure to read about the advancement of Jatropha Plantation in Malaysia. I am based in India and in the African Continent promoting Jatropha Plantation and Bio-fuel. I work as a Consultant for the Plantation and provide Plant, machinery and technology for bio-fuel.

You already have vast plantation area in Malaysia. Do you have any pest problem like "Red Spider" nesting on the flowers and resticting the furit formation? If so, what kind pesticides you use?

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