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26th May 2006, 11:59 PM
This is cut & pasted from some correspondence that one of our members had with Iveco and their reply regarding their position on biodiesel. Please note that this response does not necessarily indicate Iveco's official viewpoint at the moment, but it did at the time it happened. I would suggest that you make your own enquiries and I would welcome Iveco's responses in here. (The names have been changed to protect the innocent).

From: Forum Member
Sent: Thursday, 9 February 2006 11:06 PM
To: Iveco
Subject: Biodiesel and Iveco
Dear Mr. Iveco,
Thank you for your time today. As we discussed, renewable energy sources are a very hot topic, and based on report data from reliable energy sources, the days of cheap fuel are history. Aside from the higher prices, dependence on foreign sources is increasingly less secure, and lastly, the opportunities to recover from the climatic damage caused by the abuse of the past generations are rapidly diminishing. Renewable and sustainable transport fuel sources will inevitably become increasingly important to both the public and private sectors.

Iveco, a leader in the manufacture of transport equipment, is obviously aware of these imminent changes, and will institute the necessary changes required to stay competitive in an highly competitive industry. To this end, it will become imperative that Iveco formulate and adapt policies that will support the use of biofuels, or suffer the loss of business.

Although I do not represent the biodiesel industry of Australia, I consider it my responsibility to inform Iveco of the looming challenge, and solicit their help in establish biodiesel policies that will keep pace with the growing biodiesel market.

I have included 3 documents;

1)The Australian Standard for Biodiesel - this is the Australian Biodiesel Standard or the international EN 14214
2)Chrysler – (USA) press release –
3)Premier Iemma’s 28NOV05 Press Release

Best Regards,
Forum Member

Iveco's response:

From: Iveco
Sent: 10 February, 2006 08.40
To: Forum Member
Subject: RE: Biodiesel and Iveco

Hello Mr. Forum Member

Thank you for the information. I have referred back to our documentation and can advise that our limit is 5% based on the base diesel fuel meeting the EN590 standard. This limit is partly dictated by the supplier of the fuel injection equipment which in our case is Robert Bosch. I have attached a document that may be of interest to you. I will pass your information on to our Sales Engineering people who may not be aware of some of the changes in the market place.

Best Regards
Product Support Manager
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