View Full Version : ADM, Bayer and Daimler love biofuels

11th January 2008, 12:14 AM
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ADM, Bayer and Daimler love biofuels, according to this story from ICIS News, written by Mark Watts. (http://www.icis.com/Articles/2008/01/09/9091231/Bayer-ADM-Daimler-to-develop-jatropha-biofuels.html) (Disclosure: I work for ICIS: About ICIS (http://www.icis.com/StaticPages/AboutUs.htm)) It is interesting to see an engine maker, a major chemicals player, and one of the world's biggest corn companies getting together to look at a tropical shrub. In what is good news for jatropha growers. Mark says: <blockquote>Bayer Crop Science said it planned to develop and register herbicides, soil insecticides and fungicides for disease and pest control of jatropha plants Which should help yields and might make jatropha more commercially attractive. I wonder if Bayer Crop Science will be smart enough to develop pesticides and fungicides that permit other crops to be intermingled with Jatropha to help the economics of plantations.

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