View Full Version : Mercedes 300D for sale @ $600

10th February 2008, 04:00 PM
This is a nice little car and was my wife's daily driver 'till the cam chain broke.

I've been promising her that I'll fix it, but it seems that I'm a lot longer on enthusiasm than I am on time, and finally she has put her foot down and it must leave this place.

The details for those interested:

1983 model 300D

95% front tyres, back tyres are only two weeks old (yes, that hurts!) on some very nice alloy wheels.

Converted to the new air conditioning gas.

Registered 'till April 2008.

Tow bar.

Spare gearbox suit rebuilding.

Has a scratch along the right side (see photo) and radiator grille has sadly smacked Skippy but the car is otherwise sound and straight.

The head looks OK, just need to replace the camshaft mounts, so it should be quite an easy and cheap repair for those who have more time than I have. My old man gave me his old car when he bought a new Corolla so I really don't have any good reason to keep it, and I thought I'd offer it for next to nothing to this group - seriously, the wheels and tyres are worth the money by themselves.